(Solved) Unable to Access BIOS on Windows 11/10?

BIOS (which stands for Basic Input Output System) is a mode of operation of Windows that is often difficult to open. If you need to access this component but have the problem of access the BIOS, in this article you are most likely to find the solution. However, before answering this question, there are certainly other things that need to be highlighted to understand how BIOS works. This information is crucial to solving the problem of unable to access the BIOS.

What is BIOS?

Many users have experienced being unable to access the BIOS on Windows 11/10. Why does this problem happen?

BIOS is nothing more than a chip ROM which is found on all motherboards and allows the user to access the computer system at its most basic level.

The following image is an example of what the BIOS looks like. Phoenix is ​​a well-known BIOS manufacturer.

BIOS is important because it includes information about how to charge computer hardware and includes a named test POST, which turns out to be an automatic power-on test. This helps you check whether your computer meets the requirements to boot successfully. It is important that your computer passes the POST test, otherwise, if it fails, you may hear a beep indicating a hardware malfunction.

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Before moving on to the problem “unable to access BIOS” in Windows 11/10, let’s look at the functions performed by the BIOS. These are an integral part of the functioning of the Windows operating system.

BIOS features

Below we list the BIOS functions to help you understand why it is important to solve the problem of accessing the BIOS itself.

  1. POST: As we said earlier, this tests your computer’s hardware and ensures that there are no errors present before the operating system loads.
  2. Bootstrap Loader: this is the most critical aspect of the BIOS as, without this component, the operating system cannot be identified. BIOS control goes through it.
  3. BIOS drivers: These drivers are low-level drivers and are responsible for giving the computer operational control over the computer hardware.
  4. CMOS setting: Setting the hardware configuration is permitted by the setup program, and includes setting the computer’s password, time, and date.

How to Fix “Cannot Enter BIOS” Problem

For those who use Windows 11/10, they should know that the operating system offers many options for configuration within the operating system itself. However, there are many settings on every computer that can be changed in the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System). The BIOS is present on the computer’s motherboard, and is responsible for everything from the boot order of drivers to pre-boot security options and even the operation of individual keyboard keys! However, it can happen unable to access the BIOS as you are in the pre-boot environment. For those using older variants of Windows, you can press keys like F1 or F2 and the boot process takes some time to complete.

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Latest versions of Windows have faster processing speeds and so pressing a key at startup may not prove useful. Therefore, if you are unable to access the BIOS, we recommend that you follow the steps given below.

  1. Access the Settings of your Windows PC by clicking on the START menu and then clicking on the gear motor icon

  2. Then access the section UPDATE AND SECURITY

  3. Access the RESET menu from the left

  4. You must then click on “Restart” below the section advanced startup. This will restart your computer into a special menu.

  5. Select “Troubleshoot”

    how to Enter BIOS step 5

  6. Access the Advanced Options

    how to Enter BIOS step 6

  7. Select UEFI Firmware settings and finally click on RESTART

    how to Enter BIOS step 7

    how to Enter BIOS step 8

One of the main causes of BIOS inaccessibility in Windows can be thequick Launch. However, using the steps above you will be able to resolve the issue and access the BIOS mode. It is important to know that the latest variant of Windows i.e. Windows 11/10 is on par with its previous variants and so accessing the BIOS is not that straightforward, but it is simple.

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As you may have noticed the BIOS it is a key component for any computer or system and therefore, it is important to have a basic understanding of this functionality. This also offers greater flexibility and performance benefits. It has been noticed that professionals in the Information Technology industry have been using BIOS to get the maximum possible performance from their systems or devices.

Many users continue to use their operating system even when they cannot access the BIOS, but sooner or later everyone has to resort to the BIOS to solve some problem (usually hardware).

If you are unable to access the BIOS, we recommend following the instructions described above, i.e. using the Windows resolution tool to restore the UEFI firmware settings.

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