Microsoft brings new Windows Backup app to Windows 10

  • Windows 10 will include a new Windows Backup app.
  • The app is the same one available for Windows 11.
  • Windows Backup is designed to backup and restore your files, configurations, credentials, and apps.

UPDATED 8/28/2023: Microsoft plans to bring its new “Windows Backup” app to Windows 10. The app was initially thought out as a tool for Windows 11, but the company is now testing a preview in the build of Windows 10 in the Release Preview Channel.

Windows Backup is a cloud-based application that allows you to backup and restore files, apps, configurations, and credentials. The solution isn’t meant to create a backup of the operating system since the company prefers the use of the “Recovery” configurations to reset the system.

However, the app doesn’t offer anything new as it’s an interface to manage the same backup configurations available in the “Sync your settings” page available through the “Accounts” section in the Settings app in combination with the “Sync and backup” configurations from the OneDrive app. 

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Although the “Windows Backup” app doesn’t actually perform a backup of your apps. Instead, it creates a list of the apps already installed on the computer and their configurations (if applicable), and when you have to restore the system from backup, the operating system will download a fresh copy of the apps from the Microsoft Store, and then it will restore the configurations.

Windows 10 new backup app
Windows 10 new backup app

On the other hand, the app creates a backup of your files, configurations, and credentials to your OneDrive account.

Also, the Windows Backup app doesn’t offer an interface to restore items individually. Instead, you can choose to restore your stuff during the initial setup of Windows 10 on a new device or after a clean installation. In the case of your files, you can always restore them from the OneDrive folder.

The version of the backup app for Windows 10 (via @PhantomOfEarth) is identical to the version the company is still testing for Windows 11 23H2. It’s unclear if the idea of bringing the app to Windows 10, but it could be the case that Microsoft plans to make it a tool that users can use to easily transition from Windows 10 to 11, in addition to protecting files, configurations, and credentials.

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Update August 28, 2023: In addition to adding the new application, Microsoft is updating File Explorer with a new “Start backup” option in the “Home” tab to access the new backup feature.

File Explorer Start backup option
File Explorer Start backup option

In my installation, the “Start backup” option only appears in the “Home” tab when viewing the “Desktop” page.

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