Install Windows 11/10 on SSD. How to do?

Some time ago we wrote a guide on how to install Windows 7 on SSD and we also described all the advantages of this operation, primarily the fact that the operating system will be faster and responsive in almost all operations.

If you have a PC running Windows 11/10 and are wondering how to install Windows 11/10 on SSD to take advantage of this speed of SSD diskbelow you will find instructions for doing so and several tips to avoid problems or loss of data from your computer.

Usually, there are two ways to install Windows 11/10 (on any disk): one is by upgrading to Windows 11/10 (if you have an older version) and the other method is to install Windows 11/10 from scratch. Both the two methods are efficient. However, the former is more convenient as it is easier and Windows 11/10 is free when upgrading from previous version. If you want to install Windows 11/10 on SSD as a “fresh install” you should have a code Product Key for Windows 11/10. Otherwise, the best option is to clone system partition to SSD And transfer Windows 11/10 to SSD.

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How to Install Windows 11/10 on SSD

Regardless of whether you choose to install the old Windows system on the SSD drive and then upgrade your computer to Windows 11/10 or migrate the new Windows 11/10 partition to an SSD disk, what you need is a “Partition Manager” software For example Partition Assistant. With this program you can easily install Windows 11/10 on SSD in both cases.

First download and install Partition Assistant on your PC from the following link:

Step1. Install and launch Partition Assistant. On the home screen you will see your computer’s disks and partitions:

Select the C:\ partition (where Windows 11/10 is present) and from the left of the program click on the “Migrate OS to SSD

This window will open:

Click on “After you” to start the wizard and start selecting the unallocated space on the SSD disk

Click After you to then set the size, disk letter, disk type (to be set as the primary partition if you want to install Windows on it).

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Finally you will see a window with this warning: “once the migration is complete, do not boot the computer from the SSD directly. To make the operating system bootable from the destination disk it is advisable to turn off the computer after the migration is completed. Then disconnect the source disk and connect this disk to the source disk socket. The source disk may be connected to another socket as a secondary storage device”. Click on “Finish” to complete the operation.

From the program’s home screen, click on APPLY to perform all operations transfer/install Windows 11/10 on SSD.
NOTE: If you are transferring the operating system between MBR and GPT disks, you need to enter the BIOS and change the boot setting (about the boot setting, check your motherboard or computer) when the system migration is performed. completed.

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