How to Reset Password/PIN Windows 11/10

You forgot the password or access PIN to Windows 11/10? Regardless of whether you are using an administrator account, local account or Microsoft account, you will find some useful solutions below to reset your Windows password or PIN 11/10, no data loss! You won’t even have to reinstall Windows 11/10!

Windows 11/10 login password helps us to prevent unauthorized access to our PC. More and more Windows users have installed the Windows 11/10 version. However, it often happens that users forget their Windows 11/10 login password especially if they choose a complicated or difficult to remember password. In these situations, the computer is blocked and it is impossible to access your data and programs. What to do to solve the forgotten Windows password problem?

You can search on Google to find the best method for reset your Windows 11/10 password or PIN without damaging the data inside. However, most of the solutions you find need to go through complicated processes like CMD (Windows command line). However, even with the CMD method it is not guaranteed that the problem of accessing Windows 11/10 will be solved. For local accounts and administrators, the best and easiest method is definitely to remove and reset Windows 11/10 password with the Windows 11/10 recovery disc, but this disc is not always available. So here are the 3 methods we recommend trying.

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Method 1: Reset password/PIN Windows 11/10 with the help of other administrator

If you share your computer with others, there may be another account enabled on it with privileges administrator. You could then ask another administrator to change the password for your account.
If your account is the only one on your computer, read the directly Method 3 described below, which avoids having to reinstall Windows 11/10.

Method 2: Reset Windows 11/10 Password/PIN via Microsoft

If you use a Microsoft account to log in to your computer, you must reset your password via email. Go to Microsoft login page and reset your password.
However, Microsoft’s password reset service doesn’t always work. What to do in this case? Do you have to reinstall your Windows system and lose all data in your account? Obviously not! Read Method 3 below which allows you to reset Windows password (even the administrator password) without having to reinstall the system and without losing data!

Method 3. Reset Windows Password or PIN of 11/10 via 4WinKey

Thanks to the following program Windows Password Recovery you can reset your Windows 11/10 password or PIN quickly and easily. As? Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Download and install the program 4WinKey

Here is the link from which to download the free demo version of this program. Make sure you install it on any other working Windows PC you have access to:

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Here is the initial screen of the program:

Step 2. Create Password Reset USB or CD/DVD for Windows 11/10

From the initial screen (shown above) choose whether to create a password recovery USB disk or a CD/DVD disk. Obviously it is simpler and faster to use a USB stick, which is why we recommend selecting the second option (after having appropriately connected the pendrive to the PC).

If you decide to create a USB stick for resetting your password, select the second box and then press Next to proceed with the operation.

Make sure the flash drive is empty and click on AFTER YOU to start copying files to it. Wait until the process reaches 100%. At that point you can proceed with the steps described below.

Step 3. Boot the “locked” PC via BIOS

Now you insert the password recovery disk on the locked computer and set the computer to boot from CD/DVD or USB drive. To do this you will have to turn on the PC and immediately press the bios access button which varies depending on the computer model:
F1 for Lenovo, IBM computers
F2 for Asus, Acer, Dell computers
F10 for Sony, HP computers
F12 for Toshiba computers

In the Bios, using the PC arrow keys, you can set the order of the devices for starting the computer. Set USB or CD-ROM as the first device depending on whether you created a thumb drive or a CD disk.

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change boot order

Step 4. Password reset Windows 11/10

After setting the disk as the first device to check in the Bios, restart the computer and it will read the contents of the recovery disk you created. The following 4WinKey screen will open:

If there are multiple operating systems on the PC, select the one to “unlock. Then this new window will open:

From this screen, as you can see from the figure above, you can easily choose the user (administrator or PC user) of the computer whose password you forgot and then click on REMOVE ACCOUNT PASSWORD to proceed with its removal.

That’s all. To finish click on the button Restart your computer below and your computer will restart normally and you will no longer be asked for your Windows 11/10 login password.

NB: In order to unlock all the functions of the program it is necessary to purchase the license. Of all the versions that can be purchased, the one that allows you to recover and reset passwords is the version Professional. It costs €29+VAT and the license is valid for 1 year.

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