How to Reset Forgotten PIN on Windows 11/10

When setting up a new computer (with Windows 11/10 operating system) the user can choose whether to set up a password or a PIN safety. This password or PIN is requested immediately after switching on and is used to unlock the start screen and access the “desktop” computer. But what is the difference between Password and PIN? Why does Microsoft recommend setting a PIN rather than using your Microsoft account password to log in to your computer?

Well, the answer to this last question is obvious: the PIN is a code that is created only for unlock your computer and therefore even if it is lost or “stolen” it cannot create major problems; However, if you lose your password, you will lose access to your Microsoft account and whoever comes into possession of it could take complete control of your computer and your data.

Password And PIN they are two sides of the same coin. Both are optional, but both are necessary and complement each other. One protects your account from hackers and the other helps you access your PC quickly without compromising security. You should know that you cannot set a PIN without first setting a password. The PIN serves only as a second level protection/validation.

We have already seen how to do it reset password on Windows 11/10. But, what about the PIN? What to do if you forget your PIN code and can no longer unlock the Windows 11/10 home screen? As reset PIN on Windows 11/10?

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If you’re having trouble using your PIN to sign in to Windows 11/10, you may find that you have forgot your PIN code correct. Don’t worry! You still have the option to regain access to Windows 11/10 and set a new PIN. Here we will describe 3 ways to reset the forgotten PIN. The first method involves using software specifically designed for recovering or removing your Windows password/lock PIN. The second option requires your PC to be running Windows 11/10 Fall Creator Update and the third option works if you are using a local account.

Method 1. PassFab WinKey

The WinKey program is a program specially created to solve the problem of forgotten PIN or Password on Windows. Here are the precise steps to follow.

Step 1: Download and install PassFab 4WinKey on another working Windows PC that you have access to. Press below to download

Step 2: Launch the program after installation and choose the type of recovery disk to create (CD or USB stick).

Step 3: Now click “Next”. You will be warned that all your data on the drive will be erased. Click “Next” to confirm

Step 4: The process of creating the boot disk for the software will begin Windows password recovery. Simply wait for the registration to complete.

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Step 5: Now you can use your boot drive to reset your Windows password. Connect it to the locked computer. Restart your PC and press “F12” to access the boot menu.

Step 6: Choose to save your disk name and exit boot menu, then you will see the interface of 4WinKey. Select the Windows operating system, choose the account you want to operate on (e.g. Administrator) and then select Reset account password to reset your Windows password. Finally, click “Next”.

Step 7: After one minute, your PIN will be reset. Then unplug the USB drive and restart your computer.

Method 2. How to reset PIN from lock screen

In the latest versions of Windows 11/10 there is a new option that makes it easier to reset your PIN on the lock screen if you use a Microsoft account. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: On the lock screen, click the “Forgotten PIN“.

I forgot my PIN

Step 2: Write your Microsoft account password and then click After you.

Enter your Microsoft password

Step 3: If you have two-step verification enabled for your Microsoft account, you need to enter your recovery email address or phone number to verify your identity.

Verify your identity

Step 4: Enter the security code you received from Microsoft and click After you.

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Enter security code

Step 5: Click on Continues to confirm.A popup will appear and you will be asked to set a new PIN. Enter a new desired PIN number of at least 4 digits for your Microsoft account.

Enter new PIN code

After you successfully reset your PIN, you will be able to sign in to Windows 11/10 with your Microsoft account and new PIN. However, the “I forgot my PIN” is only available on the login screen when using a Microsoft account. If you are using a local account, read the solution below

Method 3. Reset PIN from settings

If you are using a local account and have forgotten your PIN, sign in with your password and follow these steps to reset your PIN.

Step 1: On the lock screen, under the PIN entry box, select Login options and log in with your Microsoft password.

Note: If you have also forgotten your password and are completely locked out of your Windows 11/10 PC, try using Windows Password Recovery to reset your password.

Sign in with password

Step 2: Go to Settings > Accounts > Access optionsand click on I forgot my PIN.

Step 3: Enter your Microsoft account password and click OK.

Verify your account password

Step 4: Write the new PIN and then click OK. You will now have set the new PIN.

Create a new PIN code

That’s all!

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