How to Enable Facial Recognition on Windows 11/10

Windows Hello from Microsoft offers several authentication methods so you can log in to Windows 11/10 without using the usual conventional password. For example, you can set a PIN, a physical security key, your fingerprint or even the Facial recognition. The facial recognition option can be useful as all you need to do is take a look at your computer’s camera to authenticate and log in to your Windows 11/10 desktop. However, only some cameras They support Windows Hello facial recognition and you need to configure the feature to allow it to scan and recognize your face. This technology is becoming more and more useful in various fields, such as for those companies looking for a way to detect presences via facial recognition.

On the plus side, if you’re able to set up facial recognition, you can use it for more than just logging into Windows 11/10. In fact, several websites are starting to support Windows Hello authentication, including yours page Microsoft accounts. Additionally, some Windows 11/10 apps (you can see them at this link) already support this technology, as OneDrive And Dropbox. While there is still limited support for this feature today, it is thought that many websites and apps will use the same technology in the future.

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The main requirement to be able to activate facial recognition on Windows 11/10 is that your PC camera supports Windows Hello, like those equipped with the technology Intel’s RealSense 3D. The camera must be able to scan your face, measuring its depth and tracking its position and position. If you don’t already have a compatible camera, you have two options:

  1. You can purchase an external webcam that supports this technology
  2. You can buy a laptop or an all-in-one computer with the right type of built-in camera.

Intel offers a page RealSense which shows all possible supported RealSense 3D cameras. However, you can find Windows Hello-supported cameras from other manufacturers, such as Logitech. For laptops and other computers with built-in Windows Hello cameras, This Page provides a list of compatible PCs.

The best way to check if your current camera is supported by this technology is to try setting the Facial recognition.

How to activate facial recognition on Windows 11/10

Step 1. You open Settings and click on the category Accounts.

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Step 2. On the page Accountsclick the setting for Login options.

Look for the option for Windows Hello face. If your camera is not supported you will see a message like “Can’t find a camera compatible with Windows Hello face

If it is supported you will see a message “Log in with your camera” and underneath a button “Start


In the first Windows Hello window, click the button Start. Enter your PIN, which is required before you can set up any other type of Windows Hello authentication. Look at your camera and keep your face still while it is scanned.


If the scan completes successfully, the next screen will tell you that you are ready and can use your face the next time you want to unlock your Windows computer. Click the button Close to finish the configuration.


The next time you need to log into Windows to unlock your PC, the camera sensor should start flashing automatically when you’re in front of the lock screen. Just take a look at the camera and Windows should then authenticate you and let you log in.

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If facial recognition isn’t working or your facial appearance changes in any way (glasses, beard, etc.), go back to the Windows Hello option in Settings. Select the option and then click the button to improve recognition. Click the button Startenter your PIN, let the camera scan your face, and you should be set up again for future logins.

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