Windows 10 BitLocker Encryption – How to activate it

  • Click on Windows 10 Pro to enable BitLocker. Control Panel > System and Security > BitLocker Drive EncryptionClick “Turn BitLocker on” Select the encryption mode and choose the only encrypt space used option.
  • Windows 10 Home: Open a new window Settings > Update & Security > Device encryptionTurn on the description option.

In this guide I will show how to enable BitLocker in Windows 10. The instructions may differ depending on whether you are using Windows 10 Home, or Pro.

BitLocker protects files by encrypting data to prevent hackers from accessing them. Windows 10 Pro Enterprise and Education offers the feature. While it is not available in the Home edition, Windows 10 does offer a limited version known as “device-encryption” which is only available on devices that are compatible (such as Surface Pro 9 Laptop 5 and other devices equipped with TPM 1.2, 2.0 or higher versions).

Windows 10 Pro users can enable BitLocker using software-based cryptography without TPM. It does require extra steps to verify your identity.

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This guide will walk you through the simple steps of installing BitLocker, regardless of your Windows 10 edition.

Windows 10 Pro: Enable BitLocker

Use these steps to enable BitLocker in Windows 10 Pro:

  1. Open Start Windows 10

  2. Search for Control Panel To open the app, click on the top-ranked result.

  3. Click here System and Security.

  4. Click here Encrypt your BitLocker Drive with BitLocker.

    BitLocker Drive Encryption

  5. Click here to learn more. “Turn On BitLocker”. Option under “Operating System Drive” section.

    BitLocker Windows 10 drive encryption

  6. Choose the authentication option to unlock the computer during startup – For example, Enter a PIN.

    BitLocker unlock drive startup option

  7. Configure your authentication method.

    Configure BitLocker PIN

    Quick tip Instead of creating another PIN, you can use the one that you already have, but double-type it, such as 12341234.

  8. Click here to learn more. Set PIN button.

  9. Select the option to backup the recovery key – For example, “Save to Your Microsoft Account”

    Save to your Microsoft account

  10. Click here to learn more. Next button.

  11. Select the Encrypt the used space on your disk only option.

    Encrypt used disk space only

  12. Click here to learn more. Next button.

  13. Select the New encryption mode option.

    New encryption mode

    Quick Note: You should use the older Windows version if you plan to encrypt your drive. “Compatible mode” option.

  14. Click here to learn more. Next button.

  15. Optional: Check the “Run BitLocker system check” option.

    Windows 10 BitLocker system check

  16. Click here to learn more. Restart Now button.

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After completing the steps, you will need to restart the device to activate BitLocker.

You can save BitLocker Recovery Keys in Microsoft Accounts. Section on BitLocker recovery keys Your account.

In case you want to disable BitLocker, open Control Panel > System and Security > BitLocker Drive EncryptionClick “Turn Off BitLocker” Follow the directions onscreen.

Windows 10 Home: BitLocker enabled

Use these steps to turn on BitLocker in Windows 10 Home with the Trusted Platform Modul (TPM):

  1. Open The following are the most effective ways to reduce your risk of injury..

  2. Click here Update & Security.

  3. Click here Device encryption.

    Quick Note: The option and settings page will only be accessible if your hardware is compatible with the Trusted Platform module (TPM), version 1.2, or later.

  4. Click here to learn more. Turn on button.

    Windows 10 device encryption

BitLocker’s encryption will cover the entire drive once you have completed the steps. All new files created after that point will also be encrypted.

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BitLocker can be disabled at any time using the same instructions. Step 4Click the “Turn off” button.

If you’ve enabled drive encryption, the only option to decrypt files is to sign in using your account password. Never use third-party tools to reset your account password if you forget your password. You will lose all access to your files.

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