Copy photos from iPhone to PC Windows 11/10/8

The latest iPhone models have one camera amazing that allows you to take very high quality photos. Being of high quality, Apple has created a new format (.heic) that allows you to compress these photos a little and save space otherwise not even 128GB of internal memory would be enough for those who love taking photos continuously.

Who owns many photos in memory However, over time the iPhone tends to save them and copy them to the computer, where it is easier to archive them or possibly print them. But how copy photos from iPhone to Windows? Below we see all the possible ways, without using iTunes which is known to all as the main source of trouble, in the sense that it often causes the deletion of data on the device. The methods described below are for Windows PCs, if you have a Mac read instead how to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

#1. Copy Photos from iPhone to Windows PC with TunesGO

We recommend using the first method TunesGo. This program is really great when it comes to data management, not only for iOS devices but also for Android devices. With it you will be able to copy and transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC (or even Mac) both selectively and completely. No waste of time, no risk of photo deletion and above all ease of use!

In fact we have already seen this program at work in the guide above how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC and Mac, but we want to propose it again below.

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To get started, download the free demo version for Windows (or Mac):

download download_button_mac

Step #1 – Connect your iPhone to your PC using its USB cable and launch TunesGO

Step #2 – From the main screen of the program click on “Backup Photos to PC” if you want to save and copy ALL photos to your computer

Step #3 – If you want to save photos selectively, click on the tab at the top PHOTO

Step #4 – From the window that opens you can select the albums (from the menu on the left), and choose the photos to export to your computer.

Step #5 – Click on the “” button aboveExport” followed by “Export to PC“.

Whether you want to copy all the photos or just some, this is an incredibly simple method to follow and in less than a minute you can finish the process.

#2. Copy photos from iPhone to Windows 11/10 manually

Not everyone is interested in using a third-party program like TunesGo, however the only alternatives available are the use of iTunes or the default features present in Windows. Below we will show Windows 11/10 users how to use the built-in features to transfer their photos from an iPhone to PC.

Step #1 – Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer. Then connect the iPhone to the PC via USB

Step #2 – A window will open “Windows Explorer” and from the menu on the left click on “This PC”

Step #3 – The connected device will be shown as an external disk. Double click to access and then click on the “ folderDCIM

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Step #4 – The photos stored on your iPhone will be displayed. Select all the photos you want to transfer. Use the button CTRL to select multiple photos.

Step #5 – Click with the right mouse button and then click on “Copy”.

Step #6 – Create a folder on your desktop, where you can copy all your photos.

#3. Copy Photos from iPhone to Windows 8 PC

Just like with Windows 11/10, if your computer has Windows 8 installed, there are built-in features that let you copy photos from an iPhone to your computer. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1 – Connect your iPhone to your Windows 8 PC using a USB cable.

Step 2 – Once your iPhone is detected by the PC, a “Windows Explorer” window opens and here you will have to click on the “This PC” option from the left menu.

Step 3: Right-click on your iPhone and click “Import images and videos“.

Step 4:Your iPhone will be scanned and once the scan is complete, select the “Review, Organize and Group Items to Import” option.

Step 5 – At the bottom left of the window, click on “More options” and select a location to save the photos. Click “After you” to proceed.

Step 6 – You will now be able to view all your photos. Select the photos you want to transfer.

Step 7 – Finally, click on the “ buttonIt matters” and after a few minutes, you will be able to find your photos in the designated storage folder.

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Unlike Windows 11/10, you don’t need to have iTunes installed. So it is easier to use this built-in feature than Windows 11/10.

Copy Photos from iPhone to Windows 7

The last method in this article is about how to transfer photos from iPhone to an older PC such as Windows 7-based one.

Step 1 – Connect your iPhone to your PC, and once it has been detected, an AutoPlay window will appear.

Step 2 – From this window, click on the “Import images and videos“.

Step 3 – Then click on “Settings” and click the album on “Camera Roll”.

Step 4 – Click “OK” and all photos will be transferred to your PC.

Copy Photos from iPhone to Windows PC via

Step 1. Ability iCloud Photos on your iPhone (Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Photos). After that, your photos and videos will start uploading to iCloud.

Step 2. Check the box next to Download and keep the originalsif you want to keep the original high-resolution photos and videos on your iPhone, or Optimize iPhone storageif you want to store the original photos and videos in iCloud and have space-saving versions on your device (i.e. just the thumbnails).

Step 3. Log in to your iCloud account from your PC, select the iPhone photos you want to download one by one, and click the download symbol in the top right corner as shown in the following figure.

Download all photos from iCloud

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