Connect Phone to Windows 11/10 PC with “Your Phone” app

Many may not even know it, but Windows 11/10 (for some time now) has a function, or rather an app called “Your phone” and which allows you to connect your phone to your PC to manage different types of data (e.g. photos). Depending on the type of phone you have and connect, you can see recent photos from your phone on your PC, view and send SMS from your PC, receive mobile phone notifications directly on your Windows 11/10 screen, and much more. Soon it will also be possible to see the smartphone screen on the PC. This feature is compatible with both devices Android That iPhone.

How does “Your Phone” work to connect your phone to your Windows 11/10 PC?

Very simple. First, in the Windows search bar search for “your phone” and then click on the result obtained to open the function we need.

The following screen will open:

On the left you will need to select the type of phone you have: Android or iPhone. Then click on CONTINUES and the following window will open:

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A message will appear telling you that a text message has been invited with directions to install the app on your phone.

When you receive the SMS from Microsoft you need to click on the link to install the app on your phone and once opened you need to follow the instructions configuration. You have to accept notifications on your phone requesting access to photos and other permissions. Once the setup process on your phone and PC is complete, you can start using the app Your phone to view the latest photos in your phone and send SMS from your PC.

Here is a screenshot that shows, for example, viewing “recent photos” directly in Windows 11/10:

My Phone on Windows 11/10 - Recent Photos

This function is very useful for connecting the phone to the PC although still very limited. However, Microsoft is planning something bigger for this feature. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it is very likely that features such as “SharedContentPhotos” (for sharing photos), “ContentTransferCopyPaste” (for transferring and copying data between phone and PC) and “ContentTransferDragDrop” (drag&drop transfer) will be added. . Microsoft definitely wants to improve the app with these file sharing features, including dropping files into the application and copying them.

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Copying files between phones and PCs is by no means a revolutionary feature but if Windows implements this feature, it would make life much easier for everyone: instead of using a USB cable or Bluetooth it will be possible to open the “my Phone” app and drop files directly into it.

Waiting for Microsoft to improve this feature, if you will connect your phone to your PC and manage different types of data, import and export files, uninstall and install applications directly from the PC and much more, you must necessarily rely on alternative software.

If you want to connect an Android phone to your computer, or an iOS device (iPhone), the software we recommend trying is the following:

It is a program compatible with both Windows PCs and available in a free demo version that can be downloaded from the following buttons:

download download_button_mac

After installing and starting the program you will see this initial screen:


To access the phone’s data management function from the computer, click on the box TELEPHONE MANAGER. This screen will appear:

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connect android device

At this point you can proceed to connect your phone to the computer via USB cable.

After making the connection, dr.Fone will detect it and give you precise instructions on how to proceed. For example, in the case of an Android mobile phone, the program will ask you to activate USB debugging on it in order to interface the computer and the phone correctly.

Once connected, you will see the name of your phone appear on the left of the program, as seen in the following image:

Transfer Android Photos with PC

Finally, now you can start browsing between the different types of data (Music, Photos, Videos, Contacts, SMS, Applications) and you can do the following operations for each of them:

  1. View data directly from your computer
  2. Transferring files from computer to phone
  3. Export files from phone to computer
  4. Application management directly from your computer
  5. Import/Export contacts
  6. Ringtone creation
  7. Accessing your phone’s system files (from your computer)
  8. and so on…

Transfer Android Photos with PC

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