Microsoft: Yes, you can reinstall Office 2013, but license still tie to one PC

Since the official release of Office 2013 a few weeks ago, there has been a lot of talks around the web on how Microsoft is handling the new installation rights for the suite. And today, the software giant is explaining a little more on this issue.

According to a new article at the Office News site, Microsoft’s Javon Fark, marketing manager for the Office Division clarified that Office 2013 inherits the same installation rights as the Product Key Card (PKC) found in Office 2010 (refer to the picture above). In other words the product key is only good for one PC. However, Fark notes:

 “In the event that a customer buys the Office 2013 software and installs it on a PC that fails under warranty, the customer can contact support to receive an exemption to activate the Office 2013 software on the replacement PC.”

customer can contact support to receive an exemption to activate the Office 2013

The statement does offer some clarification and assures that if your computer breaks, you can reinstall Office 2013 or Office 365 in a new PC, but the license still tie to one PC and it’s non-transferable. If we recall from the previous version, Office 2010 allowed up to three installations of the Home and Student version, two installations of the Home and Business, and Professional versions and most importantly they all came with transfer rights.

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Clearly Microsoft wants you to use Office 365, which is the new yearly subscription based model. It allows you to install the suite on up to five devices (Windows or Mac) and you can easily activate and deactivate an installation without any restrictions, that is, of course, as long you keep the limit of 5 installs. But if you are just looking for a stand-alone version, Office 2010 still offers the best benefits.

Source Office News via Neowin

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