How to Transform Word Into a Microsoft Sway Webpage

Want to give a quick presentation? Here’s how you can turn a Word document into a Microsoft Sway presentation in seconds.

Your Microsoft Word skills may be better than your webpage designing skills. So, you can now use that to convert a Word document to a simple Microsoft Sway webpage and share it with the world.

The Transform to Webpage feature in Microsoft Word enables you to create interactive webpages that look beautiful on a desktop or a mobile. You also don’t have to think about the design as the responsive webpages are based on Sway templates within Word itself.

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Note: The feature is available only to Microsoft 365 subscribers for Windows desktop clients and Word for the web.

5 Steps to Transform Word Into a Sway Webpage

As your Word document is the foundation for the aesthetics of the webpage, spend time on formatting the Word document. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the File tab > Transform > Transform to Web Page to open a panel on the right of the document.
    Microsoft WordTransform to Web Page

  2. Go through the Style thumbnails and choose the best one for your type of document.
  3. The styles are readymade templates you can apply to any document. A Preview shows you how your document will look as a Sway web page, on a full-size monitor, and on a phone.
  4. Select Transform to finalize and create the webpage.
    Microsoft Word Select Transform

  5. To share the document as a webpage, use the blue Share button near the top of the screen to generate a link. Share the webpage via OneDrive or copy and paste the URL from the address bar to share with anyone with the link.
    Microsoft Sway Webpage

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The dynamic webpages can be again edited on Sway anytime. Using Sway itself is simple with its drag and drop interface and is a better presentation alternative for those who are PowerPoint challenged.

Use a Microsoft Sway Webpage Creatively

The Word to webpage conversion can be especially useful for your older Word documents. But that’s not all… here are a few immediate uses you can put them to:

  • Create a beautiful newsletter.
  • Turn old shareable documents into a webpage.
  • Present interactive episodes from your first book.
  • Design an interactive resume.
  • Present interactive reports.
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In the age of digital storytelling, this small but significant feature is an effortless way to share your ideas with the world.

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