Transfer files from PC to iPad

Have you tried to transfer files from PC to iPad? If you have an iPad, you may need to import music, videos, photos and more from your computer but it’s not always easy to do so. If your iPad is new, you can add files by syncing iTunes to it. But what if your iPad is not new and there is already a lot of data saved on it? You may lose your data on iPad if you sync with iTunes. In fact, file synchronization between iPad and iTunes does not allow you to select the data to copy… in practice it transfers either everything or nothing. And in the transfer it removes all the files that are already present in the iOS device.

In this article we offer you various solutions for transferring files to iPad from PC.

Solution #1: TunesGO

Try TunesGO. It is a program that can copy music, videos, photos and more from your computer to your iPad, and vice versa. Here is a detailed guide on the steps to follow to be able to do this operation simply, safely and quickly.

First of all, download the TunesGO program on your computer (Windows or MAc). Then, follow the steps described in this article.

download download_button_mac

Step 1. Run the program

Launch the program after installing it. Use a USB cable to connect your iPad to your computer. This program will detect the iPad immediately. The main screen will appear as in the figure below. You will see the image of your iPad in the interface and the model at the top left.

Step 2. Transfer files to iPad

To transfer Music to iPadclick the “ tabMUSIC eqWhen the window opens, click “add“. Find the music files or folders you want to import to your iPad. Then upload them to the iPad. If the music format is not compatible with iPad, the program will automatically convert it to one supported by iPad.

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Note: The program is compatible with all iPad models.

The procedure is the same for import videos to your iPad. Click “Video“>”add“.


To transfer playlists to the iPad, click “MUSIC” and then select it from the left Playlists. Click “add“. Then choose “Add playlists from your computer“.

If you want copy your photos to your iPadclick the “ tabPhoto“. All albums will be displayed on the right. Choose an album to save photos. Now click “add” to create a new album. Then open the album and click “add” to import the photos you want.


If you prefer to use your iPad for work, you can transfer contacts on it. To import contacts, click the “ tabINFORMATION“. In the window, click “Import/Export“. Then choose “Import contacts from your computer.” You have five choices: from vCard file, from Windows Live Mail, from Outlook Express, from Outlook 2003/2007/2010 and from Windows Address Book. Choose one. Then find the contacts and import them.


As you can see, it’s child’s play. You won’t have to use iTunes, iCloud, or other manual methods to copy photos, music and documents from your PC to your iPad.

Solution #2: Copy Photos and Videos from PC to iPad with File Explorer

Whether you want to transfer photos from iPad to PC or vice versa, File Explorer on Windows PC it will definitely help you. It is also a valid solution for those who want to transfer photo from iPhone to PC in Windows 11/10. However, as convenient as it is, it is only applicable to copying photos and videos. For users who want to transfer other types of files, using File Explorer is not a suitable solution.

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To transfer photos and videos from PC to iPad using File Explorer:

  1. Connect your iPad to PC with a USB cable.
  2. Unlock the tablet and authorize the Windows PC. If prompted, enter your iPad password to continue.
  3. Go to “This PC” > (name of your iPad) > “Internal Storage” > “APPLE100” > DCIM
  4. Copy the photos and videos you want or select and drag them to the DCIM folder
  5. Check the transferred items in the app Photo on your iPad.

Solution #3: Using iCloud

With iCloud enabled, you can upload files from your PC to iCloud and then access these items from your iPad. This way, you can also transfer files from PC to iPad. Additionally, iCloud allows you to share files in mode wireless via Wi-Fi, which makes it advisable when you don’t have a USB cable available.

To share files between PC and iPad using iCloud, you need to make sure of two things:

  1. Use the same Apple ID on your devices.
  2. Have enough free space in iCloud to save the files you want to copy.

Ready? Well, let’s immediately see how to transfer photos (and videos) from PC to iPad with iCloud:

Step 1. On your iPad, open the “Settings” and go to (your name) > “iCloud” > “Photos” to turn on “iCloud Photos“.

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Step 2. On your PC, upload photos from PC to iCloud.

If you have iCloud for Windows installed, open it and select “Photo“. In the new window, select “iCloud Photo Library” And “Upload new photos and videos from my PC“. Next, copy the photos you want to transfer to your iPad into the “Uploads” folder (go to “This PC” > “iCloud Photos” > “Uploads” and paste the items here). If you don’t have iCloud for Windows, go to, sign in, and choose Photos. Then upload the photos to iCloud from your PC.

Step 3. Check your photos in the Photos app on your iPad.

Solution #4: Using iCloud Drive

Allows the transfer of documents: Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, and others

iCloud Drive is a document-oriented file sharing service under iCloud. With iCloud Drive active, you will be able to share files between your PC and iPhone/iPad via Wi-Fi. Similar to using iCloud Photos, you also need to make sure you use the same Apple ID on your devices and that there is sufficient storage space available.

To transfer files to iPad via iCloud Drive:

Step 1. On your iPad, go to “Settings” > (your name) > “iCloud” and enable “iCloud Drive“.

Step 2. On your PC, upload the files you want to transfer to iCloud. If you have iCloud for Windows installed, open settings and enable “iCloud Drive”. Next, go up “This PC” > “iCloud Drive” and place the files you want to copy into this folder.

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