Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Samsung Galaxy

This article aims to show you all the possible ways to sync and transfer contacts from Outlook to Samsung. Choose the method that you think is most suitable for your needs and carefully follow the steps described below. The same procedures can actually be used on any Android device.

Why sync Outlook contacts to Samsung Galaxy?

The contacts on your smartphone are always very important and this is why we pay so much attention when changing cell phones. Devices are replaced more easily than in the past due to the lower cost. However, these changes do not always help in the management and transfer of address book from old to new cell phone.

To avoid loss of contacts you must do the backup contacts on your computer or in a Gmail, Outlook, or other place. Thanks to this backup it will be possible to restore the address book on the new mobile phone, such as on the Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S21/S20/S10/S9/S8 or Galaxy Note.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy and have backed up your contacts to your Outlook account, how do you restore all your contacts to your new Galaxy? If you haven’t found an effective solution yet, we recommend you try the program TunesGO for Android.

How to Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Samsung Galaxy

#1. Copy Outlook contacts to Samsung with TunesGO

Step 1: Download and install TunesGO for Android on your computer

Download this program “Android Contacts Manager” on your computer (Windows) and then install it. After installation, double-click the program shortcut to open it on your PC.

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Step 2: Connect your Samsung Galaxy to your computer (via USB or Wi-Fi)

Connect yours Samsung Galaxy to your computer via USB cable and make sure the program can detect the device. If it is not detected you will be asked to enable USB debugging from your phone (or tablet) settings. To do this, simply follow the instructions on the program. Once activated the USB debugging on your mobile phone, the essential information of your Galaxy will appear on the program screen. At the top you will see the categories of data that can be managed with the program (music, videos, photos, contact information, text messages, applications, etc.)

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Step 3: Sync Outlook contacts with Galaxy

Click Information and then on “Contacts” in the left sidebar and go to the contact window. You can select all existing contacts saved on your Samsung Galaxy. To import new contacts, click on the “Import / Export” button at the top of the interface and then select “It matters“. Or click “from Outlook Express or Outlook 2010/2013/2016” in the drop-down menu to import Outlook contacts to your Samsung Galaxy

It is also possible to import other data to the Samsung Galaxy with TunesGO for Android: photos, videos, text messages, etc. For example, read how to transfer photos from PC to Samsung Galaxy. With this software you can also easily back up your device, restore data on any other mobile phone (even iPhone) and even import iTunes playlists to your Samsung Galaxy.

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#2. Import contacts from Outlook to Android via Settings app

If you don’t want to use external software to synchronize contacts from Outlook to Android (Samsung, Huawei, etc.), you can do it with the app Settings. By the way, make sure your email provider is Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on Android. Here is the guide on how to transfer contacts from Outlook to Android via Settings:

Step 1. Go to Settings

Open the Settings app on Android and choose the “Apps” > “Outlook” > “Permissions” option. Then enable the option “Contacts“.

Step 2. Run the Outlook app

Open Outlook and tap the “Settings“. Then tap on your account and activate the “Sync contacts“. Wait for a while and it will sync Outlook contacts to your Android phone.

#3. Download Outlook contacts on Android with Gmail account

Have you installed Outlook on your computer? If yes, you can download Outlook contacts on Android with your account Gmail. Although the steps are slightly complicated, it is useful for copying Outlook contacts to your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet. Here’s how to download Outlook contacts to Android phone via Gmail account:

Step 1. Export Outlook contacts

Open the software Microsoft Outlook on your computer and click on the “File” > “You open” > “It matters“. Then choose “Export to a file” > “Next” > “Comma Separated Values ​​(CSV)” > “Next” > “Contacts” > “Next” icon. If necessary, you can select a folder to save your contacts on your PC.

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Step 2. Import Outlook contacts into Google contacts

Sign in Google Contacts with your Gmail account on your PC and click on the “It matters” in the sidebar. Then you can move Outlook contact files to your Gmail account.

Step 3. Sync Outlook contacts to Samsung

Go to your Samsung phone (or any other Android phone) and launch the app Settings. Click “Accounts and backups” > “Accounts” > “Add account” > icon “Google“. Tap your Gmail account and the “Sync now“. Your Outlook contacts will be copied to your Android phone.

#4. Get contacts from Outlook on Samsung with Microsoft Outlook app

Many people like to install and use the app Outlook on your Android mobile phone. If you are in the same situation, you could sync contacts from Outlook to Samsung this way. Here are the details.

Step 1. Download the app

Download and install the app on your Android phone.

Step 2. Log in with the same account

Sign in to the Outlook app with the account you want to sync contacts with.

Step 3. Sync contacts to Outlook

Tap the “Menu” icon at the top left and click the “Settings” which has a symbol of a gear. Then, press the icon Office 365 and your email address. Now you can activate the “ buttonSync contacts“.

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