The Top 8 Sites to Download Microsoft Word Templates

When you need to compose a document in Microsoft Word, starting with a template can be very helpful. Whether it’s a resume, report, proposal, plan, or another type of common document, templates give you a jump-start with built-in formatting.

We’ve covered a lot of great free Microsoft Word templates before. But if you need a unique document type or simply want more choices, you might want to search for yourself. Here are some websites you can visit that offer the best selections when you want to download a Microsoft Word template for free.

An image of the Microsoft Word templates portal

There are simple design rules to create professional Microsoft Word documents. But if you prefer templates, what better place could there be to start than Microsoft Office Online? The advantage of using this resource is that your Word template comes directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft Word organizes its templates nicely so that you can search by keyword or browse by category, event, occasion, or application. And you’ll find hundreds of free templates for Word. For instance, resumes and cover letters, flyers and brochures, calendars and cards, and so many more.

When you see a Word template you want, select it to view a brief description. Click the Download button to use it on your computer, or click Edit in Browser to open the template in Microsoft Word Online. While you can find all kinds of document templates here, if you’re working on creating emails, you can also opt to use free email template builders instead.

An image of the Documents template section

Another great spot for Word template downloads is Since the site offers both free and paid templates, it can be tough to use the search box because you’ll see a mixture. It’s best to use the Templates button at the top and then pick a category from the Free Templates.

READ MORE  How to Use Outlook in Dark Mode has free Word templates for everything from agreements to invoices to planners to vouchers. Once you pick a category, you’ll see an organized grid of results. Each template has icons for applications that are compatible. So just look for that Microsoft Word logo, which isn’t a problem, as there are many.

You’ll have to sign up for a free account in order to download the templates. Once you do, pick a template, click Free Download and continue through the prompts to obtain the template.

A visual of the Vertex42 MS Word templates gallery

A favorite for Microsoft Office templates is Vertex42. While the site concentrates mostly on templates for Excel, you’ll find a good selection for Word as well. At the top, you’ll see a navigation button for Word Templates. Just click that, and you’re on your way to their full list.

You can find letters, resumes, flyers, and agendas or get specific with basketball rosters, exercise logs, and camping checklists. And if you select a template to view or download, you’ll see related templates at the bottom, which is super helpful.

When you see a Word template you want to download, just select it to see a full description that includes compatible applications and versions. Choose your version of Word, click the Download button, and then follow the prompts to obtain your template.

A visual of the Meeting templates

The website is all about its name. You can find tons of Word templates for your business or home, easily and all for free.

When you land on the site, you’ll see a simple way to navigate common template categories like business, brochure, certificate, flyer, and contract. You can also check out the recent and popular options along with searching for something specific.

Each template gives you a helpful description and picture. When you find a template you want, select it and click the Download Now button. That’s it! You don’t have to sign up for an account or sift through paid templates. takes care of all your Word template needs for free.

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An image showing Hloom MS Word templates sections

Hloom is a cool website that offers templates for all Microsoft Office applications, not just Word. So this is a handy one to bookmark if you need templates for Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint down the road.

At the top, you’ll see Free Templates and can pick to see their collections or a specific template for things like invoices, certificates, invitations, or flyers. If you check out the Template Collections section, you’ll see the templates organized into categories, from agreements to surveys.

When you see a template you like, select it for its description, samples, and more information about that type of document, which is helpful. Next to the filename, you can confirm it’s for Word with the DOCX extension in the name. Click the Download button, and you’re set.

An image showing the Stock Layouts MS Word templates

Stock Layouts is one more site you must check out for Microsoft Word templates. You’ll find many attractive and functional options for your project. If it’s a project you’re working on for someone else, you might also need to utilize designated scope of work templates to ensure both you and the client are on the same page.

Stock Layouts has both free and paid Word templates, so if you just want only the free options, click the Templates button at the top and choose Free Templates. Then, under Free Graphic Design Templates, click the dots to move through the categories.

When you find a template you like, select it and check the file formats for Microsoft Word because the site also provides templates for applications like Illustrator and Apple Pages. Sign in or sign up for a free account and then hit the Free Download button. Some paid templates are priced individually, or you can subscribe to a plan. But there are plenty of templates available for free to get you started.

A visual of the Used to Tech Word templates website

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Used to Tech is another website where you can get a handful of document templates for Microsoft Word. It offers some premium templates for free that you can personalize in several ways to fit your requirements. After visiting the link, scroll down to the Quick Menu section. There you’ll see the Templates menu.

It offers a few effective and functional templates in the niche, like invoices, books, resumes, letterheads, and flyers. You’ll get a ZIP file if you download any of the Word templates from this website.

You’re free to use the template for personal or commercial purposes, with your own modifications. You don’t have to attribute your content to the creator, however the website appreciates it if you do so. Though, you may not use these templates to resell or license to a third party.

A view of the SmileTemplates website

SmileTemplates is a decent website that offers a wide variety of document templates for Microsoft Office apps, including Microsoft Word. Although the website seems to mostly offer presentation slideshow templates, such as free animated PowerPoint templates, its Word template collection is fairly okay.

After visiting the website, click on the drop-down menu near the search area. At the bottom of the list, you should see Word Templates. Select this option and search for any keyword of the document type you’re looking for. SmileTemplates will show you available Word templates organized in New, Most Popular, and Free sections. To download any of the templates, you’ll need to sign up for a SmileTemplates account.

Happy Word Template Searching!

These eight websites are wonderful resources for free Word templates you can download. If you’re just beginning your search, check each one to find the exact template you want.

You’ll end up having a favorite from this bunch, but if you bookmark them all, you won’t need to scramble at the last minute when searching for a Microsoft Word template.

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