6 Productive Things You Can Do With the Microsoft 365 Mobile App

A Microsoft 365 subscription is a powerhouse of productivity tools that seamlessly integrate with various Microsoft Office applications. You’ll also have access to the Microsoft 365 mobile app, which you can use on the move.

The best part about the Microsoft 365 app is that you can use it as your mobile productivity base without a paid subscription. Here are six productive things you can do with the Microsoft 365 mobile app on your Android device or iPhone.

1. Centralize Microsoft Office Products in One Place

The Microsoft 365 app’s free plan lets you consolidate your Microsoft Office experience within a user-friendly interface. The Office products you’ll have access to are Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Forms.

For example, you can create a new Word document, edit it, or continue working on your existing documents as long as they’re synced on your Microsoft 365 account. You can do the same on PowerPoint, Excel, and Forms.

To access these Microsoft Office products, launch Microsoft 365, select the Home tab, and tap More in the top panel. You can choose whichever Office product you want to access in this panel.

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2. Open, Create and Manage PDF Files

You wouldn’t need a PDF reader app for your phone if you’ve already installed Microsoft 365. It has built-in PDF management capabilities like viewing, editing, and creating PDF files.

To open a PDF file using Microsoft 365, locate it in your file manager, tap it, and select Microsoft 365 from the apps list. You can get rid of other PDF apps that you have to save on storage space.

You can also do more with your PDF documents by launching Microsoft 365, tapping Apps, and opening the PDF Tools option. Here, you can sign PDFs, scan pictures into PDFs, convert documents into PDFs, and transform PDF files into Word documents.

3. Scan Documents

A wide array of document-scanning apps are available for both iPhone and Android. However, you could eliminate whichever scanning app you’re using and save some space since Microsoft 365 has a built-in scanning feature.

Launch Microsoft 365, tap Create and select Scan to scan documents. Gran the requested permissions and use your phone’s camera to capture the document. Once you capture the picture, you can touch up your scan and save it as a PDF for easy sharing and printing.

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4. Write Short Notes

Besides long-form documents like Word, you can use Microsoft 365 to stay organized by writing short notes. These notes sync seamlessly across all your devices as long as you use the same Microsoft account.

Taking down notes on Microsoft 365 is easy; open the app, tap Create, and select Note. Write down what you need to write and access it later by opening Notes from the top panel on the Home tab.

5. Access Shared Files

The Microsoft 365 app is handy in any office setting by allowing people to collaborate on work-related projects. All your shared Microsoft Office projects will show up on Microsoft 365. Given that the app is installed on your phone, you can access all these files on the go.

To access shared files, launch Microsoft 365, tap the folder icon in the Home tab, and open the Shared with me section.

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6. Access Your Files From Various Cloud Storage Solutions

The ability to integrate different cloud storage platforms is one of the standout features of the Microsoft 365 mobile app. You can link services like OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, among others, and have all your files in one place.

Say goodbye to the need for multiple cloud storage apps, especially when storage space is at a premium. Launch the app and tap the folder icon from the Home tab to access files and folders from your cloud storage platform. From there, go to Add a place, select your service, and enter the relevant login credentials.

Work on the Go With Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 mobile app greatly enhances your productivity if you work with Microsoft documents. It also comes with extra tools like scanning and converting documents to and from PDF.

The ability to integrate with some popular cloud storage solutions alongside other nifty features makes Microsoft 365 a must-have productivity app, even beyond the confines of the office.

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