Sync Microsoft Office files to Google Docs with Cloud Connect

Google wants you to trust the cloud and migrate from Microsoft Office to Google Docs. So, to make this transition easier, Google has released Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, which is a simple plugin that you can install to Microsoft Office (2003, 2007, or 2010) and it allows you to sync an Office document to Google Docs with just one click. This way you can continue using a familiar interface when working with document files, while taking advantage of the web-based collaboration and all the  features that Google Docs offers.

The use of this new feature is fairly simple. Once the plugin is installed, you can create an Office document, click Sync and the file gets uploaded, backed up in the Google cloud, and you will be given a URL that allows you to access the document at any time, from almost anywhere (mobile devices included) through Google Docs. Now you are also able to share and edit the file collectively with other people at the same time and from within Microsoft Office. All changes are logged and you can revert to earlier version at any time you wish.

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In the meantime, Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is available to a selected group of testers and because of the high demand, Google is no longer accepting anyone else for the testing program. In time, when Google considers that the product is ready, it will be available to everybody at not cost. Mac users are left in shadow, for now “due to the lack of support for open APIs on Microsoft Office for Mac”, but Google is promising a resolve in the near future.

Source Google – Official Google Enterprise Blog

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