Sync Calendar between iPhone and Android

With the growing success of Android smartphonesincreasingly powerful, fast and aesthetically beautiful, it is normal that many users iPhone decide to move to the platform Google. Switching from iOS to Android devices, or vice versa from Android to iOS, is not at all simple and always brings some problems. The greatest problems and inconveniences concern the data transfer from iPhone to Android (or from Android to iPhone), which is not always feasible, despite there being many services and applications that allow you to copy data from iPhone to Android or vice versa.

While for SMS, photos, videos and contacts, there are several ways to transfer them from one platform to another, for Calendar, the situation is more complex. Today, however, there are professional tools that allow you to transfer and synchronize all data between iPhone and Android (including the Calendar). We are talking about drFone Switch And MobileTrans. In addition to these software, there are also more “manual” solutions that could be done. However, below you will find all the details you are looking for.

#1. Sync Calendar between iPhone and Android with MobileTrans

Mobiletrans allows you to transfer data from phone to phone and fully supports all smartphones with iOS (e.g. iPhone and iPad) and Android operating systems. Below, however, we want to focus on how to synchronize calendar between iPhone and Android. First download and install MobileTrans on your PC or Mac from the links below.

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download download_button_mac

The version you will download and install is a “demo” version, in the sense that it allows you to check compatibility with your mobile phones and transfer a limited number of files. You need to purchase the “full” version to remove these limitations and copy/synchronize all the data you want.

After installing and launching MobileTrans you will see this main window:


At this point click on the section on the left “Phone Transfer” and connect both the iPhone and the Android mobile phone (e.g. Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.) to the PC. The program will recognize the two cell phones and display them in the main window. In the case of Android mobile phones you will be asked to enable the USB debugging for it to be detected.


NB: In order for the iPhone to be recognized by the program, it is important that iTunes is installed on the computer.

Between the images of the two cell phones there are different boxes, each corresponding to a type of data that the program is able to copy. In our case we select CALENDAR if we want to synchronize calendar between iPhone and Android. Mobiletrans supports data copying calendar from iPhone to Android and vice versa from Android to iPhone! Make sure that the image of the source device appears on the left and the destination device on the right.

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After selecting the “Calendar” click on “Start Copy” to begin syncing and copying data.


Wait until the calendar data transfer is complete, then disconnect the two phones from the computer and verify that all files have been successfully copied from your iPhone to your new Android device.

#2. Sync Calendar between iPhone and Android with dr.Fone

The first program we report is called dr.Fone Phone Transfer. Inside this software there are actually dozens of functions. In our case, however, the function that interests us is the one called “PASS” (Switch in English) and which allows us to transfer data between iOS and Android devices (including calendar data). First download the program from the links below (demo version of the program) and then watch the short video tutorial that shows the steps to follow to transfer data from iPhone to Android and viceversa.

Free trial download link:

download download_button_mac

Video Tutorials: how to transfer data between Android and iPhone

Other Methods to Sync Calendar between iPhone and Android


  1. Open your calendar on iPhone
  2. Click “Share” located on the right
  3. If you want to send it in public, choose the recipients directly. If you want to send it privately, click “private calendars“, then select the email address of the recipient(s).
  4. Click “Return”. Then choose access permissions in the menu provided for these actions
  5. Confirm calendar sharing by pressing OK
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  1. On your iPhone, open the settings
  2. Open the “calendars” tab and then “Accounts
  3. Click “Add a Google Account”. Click the Google logo to add the account used on your Android device and then access Calendar
  4. Enter your Google account connection information
  5. The synchronization will occur automatically


What could be simpler and more logical than using a tool available on both platforms? No compatibility or accessibility issues, here’s how you can manage and use the calendar the same way on both devices.

  1. Simply download Outlook on Android and iPhone smartphones, then create a calendar to share.
  2. Once the application has been downloaded on both devices, all that remains is to share the calendar already created, or create a new one which will be sent to the various interested contacts, regardless of their platform.

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