Save on Premium Subscriptions: 8 Group and Family Plans You Can Share

Subscriptions don’t seem too expensive on their own. Paying $10/month for all the music you want or to watch movies on your favorite service isn’t bad, compared to buying all that media individually. But multiple subscriptions can quickly add up and cost you a ton of money each month.

That’s why you should take advantage of family subscription plans, which allow you to subscribe many people to one service at a lower overall cost. Here are major services that allow you to share benefits with others so everyone can enjoy benefits at a discount.

Spotify Pricing

Spotify offers two plans for groups that want to subscribe to its Premium service. However, unlike most of the other plans described here, everyone using a Spotify group plan must be living at the same location. Spotify uses various methods to make sure you’re playing by the rules.

One option is Spotify Family, which costs $14.99/month. It includes full access to Spotify for up to six people. Compared to each person paying the Individual plan price of $9.99/month, this means a group of six would each only have to pay $2.50/month to subscribe.

If you don’t have this many people, Spotify Duo is another option. For $12.99/month, two people in the same household get access to Spotify Premium.

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Whichever one you pick, everyone has their own account with their own music. The Family plan includes options for parents, like the Spotify Kids app and option to block explicit tracks. Both plans also include a Mix playlist that’s updated with music everyone likes.

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If your family is big on YouTube, this plan offers major savings. For $17.99/month, you get full YouTube Premium benefits for up to six people. Like Spotify Premium, everyone must be in one physical household, however.

YouTube Premium includes ad-free YouTube access, the ability to download videos for offline viewing, and the option to watch videos in the background on mobile devices. Everyone also gets full access to YouTube Music Premium, which is a music streaming service like Spotify.

Since YouTube Premium usually costs $11.99/month per person, six people paying just $3/month each is a huge savings.

Apple One Pricing

Apple One bundles Apple’s premium services into one package. There are two tiers that you can share with up to five other people. And unlike the above, you can share these plans with people who don’t live with you.

Family, for $19.95/month, includes access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 200GB of iCloud storage. If you choose Premier at $29.95/month instead, you get all of the above, plus Apple News+, Apple Fitness+, and 2TB of iCloud space (up from the 200GB).

If you use a lot of Apple services, this comes out to a great deal. Apple Music is $14.99/month for the Family plan on its own, so with the other services included, you save a lot per person. Keep in mind that you can share subscriptions to Apple Arcade and some other services using Apple Family Sharing at no additional cost, though.

While it’s limited to just one person, you can share many of your Amazon Prime benefits with another adult in your Amazon Household. These include Prime shipping, Prime Reading, unlimited Amazon Photos storage, and Prime Video streaming.

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Since Amazon Prime costs $119/year, giving someone else benefits that are essentially as good as the full plan is a huge savings. Make sure you aren’t ignoring the many other Amazon Prime benefits, either.

Netflix Pricing 2021

While Netflix doesn’t offer an official family plan, its two higher-tier plans are easily shareable without breaking any rules.

The Standard plan, which is $13.99/month, allows you to watch in 1080p on up to two screens at once. If you opt for Premium at $17.99/month, this limit is increased to four screens at once (as well as getting 4K quality).

Since Netflix lets you create separate profiles on your account, it’s simple to invite someone to your Netflix account, make them a profile, and let them enjoy Netflix shows even if you’re also watching.

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A lot of people can get by with LibreOffice, a free Microsoft Office alternative. But if you need the full Office suite, Microsoft 365’s Family plan provides the best value.

For $99.99/year, up to six people get full access to the Office suite on all their devices. They also get 1TB of OneDrive space each. Compared to the $69.99/year for the personal plan, anyone past the second member of your family is basically getting their plan for free.

If you have a particularly accident-prone family, SquareTrade’s phone protection might be worth the cost. For $19.99/month, you can protect up to four phones from accidents, mechanical breakdowns, and similar.

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It covers both old and new devices, moves to a new phone when you get one, and provides flexible repair options when you need it. This is pretty straightforward and often cheaper than carrier insurance plans. And since the individual plan for one phone is is $8.99/month, it’s a solid savings.

But if you don’t usually break your phones, you probably don’t need this even at the cheaper price.

Switch Online Pricing

If you know other people who also subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, you should go in on a family plan with them. While the Individual plan costs $19.99/year for one person, you can opt for a Family membership for $34.99/year. This provides the same benefits for up to eight people, and they don’t need to live in the same household.

If you have eight total people, it only costs about $4.38/person, which is rock-bottom pricing. Everyone can enjoy playing online multiplayer, access to the NES and SNES Online libraries, and save data backup.

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Share Family Subscriptions to Save Big

We’ve looked at the best subscriptions that you can share with members of your family or friends. If you don’t mind the hassle of collecting money from other people or paying a friend instead of the service, these are great ways to save big on the most popular subscriptions.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for new phone service, you might consider one of the best unlimited phone providers.

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