Samsung Kies | How does it work

Before seeing in detail how Samsung Kies works, let’s try to clarify things a little to understand what it is. In simple terms Samsung Kies is a program that allows you to connect your mobile phone to the PC, making it easy to sync and back up your data. But Samsung Kies should not be confused with Samsung Smart Switch. Both are software that allow you to manage cell phone data from a PC, but while Samsung Kies works with older Samsung cell phones, Smart Switch supports newer models.

Devices supported by Samsung Kies: Cell phones, smartphones/tablets released before Galaxy Note III (including Galaxy S4, Note II, etc…)
Devices supported by Smart Switch: Smartphone/Tablet from Galaxy Note III onwards (devices with Android 4.3 or later operating system)

How does Samsung Kies work?

You have an old but still “shiny” Samsung Galaxy S5/S4 in your hands, and you can’t wait to transfer files from the computer to it? A simple and free way to manage all your files is to use the software Samsung Kies for PC or Samsung Kies Air. With either of them you can transfer your contacts, photos, videos, music and more to and from your Samsung mobile phone. In the following part we will see how to use Samsung Kies on a Windows PC.

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First download and install Samsung Kies from this link

1. How to import and export files from/to Samsung mobile phone

Depending on your Samsung phone model, you can download Samsung Kies or Kies 3 to install on your PC. Run and connect mobile phone to PC via cable USB or WiFi. If recognized successfully, your Samsung phone will be shown on the interface with files classified in the left column.

Click Contacts, Music, Photos, Videos and Podcasts to open the corresponding windows on the right panel. From here you can import your contacts, music, videos, photos and podcasts to your Samsung phone, and vice versa.


2. How to backup all data to restore later

Backing up data on your Samsung phone is very important. When your phone is stolen or fails, without backup you could also experience serious data loss. To avoid all this you can use Samsung Kies to backup your contacts, messages, music, videos, photos, memos, call logs, email accounts, etc… Here are the simple steps to follow:

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Step 1. Launch Samsung Kies on PC and connect your Samsung to PC via USB cable. Your Samsung phone will be detected immediately.


Step 2. Go up Backup/Restore and select the data you want to save. You can also select automatic backup every time the USB connection is established.


Step 3. Click Backups. During this process it is necessary that your Samsung phone is always connected.


Step 4. Click Backup / Restore > Data Restore. Check the folder of the files to be saved and select the desired items. Finally click on Restore.


3. How to sync Samsung phone and PC via Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies allows you to synchronize contacts with Google, Outlook, etc…, synchronize music, videos, photos, podcasts between Samsung phone and PC.


Just click on Synchronize to access the synchronization window. Then you will have to tick all the items to sync on your Samsung phone. Finally click on Sync and do not disconnect your Samsung phone during the process.

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Are you tired of using Samsung Kies and looking for an alternative? There are several good alternatives, including TunesGO for Android. This tool is an excellent Android Manager capable of doing everything that Samsung Kies does, with even more features.

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