Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook

Usually, when you delete an email from an email program, it is moved to the deleted items folder, which allows you to recover the email when you need it. But if you have emptied the deleted items folder, there is no way to recover the deleted email. In this case you definitely need data recovery software that allows you to recover the mail deleted from OutlookOutlook Express, Apple Mail, Mozilla EML, AOL Web mail, etc…

In the following paragraphs you will find the details on how to use email recovery software, and also other useful tips to try to restore those emails that you have lost and which are of vital importance. We will see both the case of email recovery from the Outlook software for PC/Mac and the case of email recovery from the platform Good luck!

How to Recover Deleted Outlook Emails

Solution #1. Recoverit

An email deleted from the OUTLOOK software on your PC is never actually permanently deleted. It is only marked as “cancelled” and the email program doesn’t display it. You can easily recover the deleted email before it is overwritten. If you are looking for reliable data recovery software, our recommendation is Recoverit, available in both Windows and Mac versions. Both versions support recovery of deleted emails from Outlook, AOL Web Mail, Mozilla EML, Netscape Email, Apple Mail, and more. Download the right version based on your computer (Windows or Mac) from the links below:

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download download_button_mac

You can try the free trial version to check if the emails you are looking for are still recoverable. First you need to install and run the program on your computer, and an interface as follows will appear. Choose the disk on which you have installed Outlook and from which you want to try to search and recover deleted messages.


Step 1. Choose data to search

The “Wizard” mode allows you to guide you step by step in recovering deleted “Emails”. Select the box next to the item E-MAIL


Step 2. Choose the disk or directory to scan

After choosing the type of the files to search you will have to tell which disk or partition or folder to scan for the emails to recover.


Step 3. Start scanning

Click on SCAN to open the following window, from which you can first perform a “quick” scan and then a “deep scan” to search for all possible data (including e-mail messages)


Click on SCAN to start scanning for deleted emails. At the end of the scan the program will show the list of data found (in our case emails that are still recoverable)

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Step 4. Email recovery

Select the emails to recover and finally click on “Recover” to proceed with saving them on your computer (in a different partition from the one from which the recovery took place!)

Once you have recovered the emails you can import them back into your email program. It’s pretty easy. Let’s take Outlook as an example. Open Outlook and select File > Import > Messages… from the menu in Outlook (Express), and select the recovered emails and proceed with import. That’s all. Try now!

Solution #2. Recover from Deleted Items folder

With Outlook for Windowsyou can recover a deleted folder (with all its messages) if it is still in the “Deleted mail“. This is done in much the same way as you would with a single email.

You can use the steps below to recover individual items from the deleted folder. If you can’t find an item in the “Deleted items“, because you deleted an item from the folder, emptied the folder or permanently deleted an item by selecting it and pressing Shift+Deletethe next place to look is the hidden folder “Recoverable items“.

  1. In Outlook, go to your email folder list, then click Deleted mail.
  2. Make sure that Home is selected in the menu bar, then click Recover deleted items from the server.
  3. Select the item you want to recover, click Restore selected items > click OK.
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It is worth noting that if you can only see the “Basket” or you can’t find the option “Recover deleted items from the server“, your email account does not support recovery of an item that is no longer in the “Deleted Items” folder. Recover emails from Outlook it is possible with this procedure just seen.

Solution #3. Recover deleted emails from

If you use the web version of Outlook, accessible from, and if you have accidentally deleted an important email, here are the simple steps to follow to try to recover it.

Step 1. Go to and log in.

Step 2. Once the inbox window opens, access the folder from the left sidebar Deleted mail

Step 3. Here you will find all the mail deleted in the last 30 days. However, there is also a link that allows you to recover deleted items from this folder. Click that link to try to recover anything that is still recoverable from the server. That’s all about how to recover emails from Outlook.

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