Problems with Google/Gmail down today? Let’s find out together.

It rarely happens that Google have problems or whatever Gmail doesn’t work as it should, but sometimes it can happen. In this article we want to show you how to understand if they actually exist problems with Google todayor problems with Gmail. In fact, there are tools that allow you to check the functional status of the Gmail and Google service and find out if something isn’t working in a certain area or location.

Google provides its own Gmail status checker, but the problem is that it often doesn’t update in real time. If by any chance you encounter problems with Google today we recommend that you first leave a comment below this page so that you can also receive feedback from other users who find themselves in the same situation. You may have problems with Gmail or if other problems with the Google app you want to receive (such as Google Docs, Google Drive, Maps, Calendar, Meet, Goolge Playand so on…)

Are Google or Gmail down today?

Do you notice that Gmail is down and not working for you today? Tell us your issues below, and look out for Gmail status updates from the PR team below and other readers reporting issues in real time. This article explains how to check the status dashboard Google Workspace to determine if Gmail is down, as well as how to access the Gmail Help Center for solutions to frequently occurring problems. These instructions apply to the desktop version of and your various Google accounts.

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Check your Google Workspace status dashboard

If there is a problem with your Google or Gmail account, the service may be interrupted or completely down. However, it may just be you who has this type of problem. Before taking any other action, check the current status of Gmail.

Step 1. Go to status dashboard of Google Workspace. A page will open with the table and list of all Google services.

Step 2. Go to the row of the Google service you want to verify, such as Gmail, and look at the last column. An icon with a green button indicates there are no known problems, an orange button indicates a service interruption, and a red button indicates a service interruption.

Step 3. Go to the current date for Gmail to read comments. If the button is green, it means the service is not down and you are the only one with a problem. In this case you should contact Gmail support to ask why the malfunction you are experiencing. If the button is orange or red, Google knows it and there’s nothing they can do until Google fixes the problem. Usually, when the button is red or orange, there is an indication of what is happening or when it might be fixed.

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Go to the Gmail Help Center

Before contacting Google for assistance, please consult the Gmail Help Center to see solutions to frequently encountered problems with Gmail.

Scroll down and select Solve a problem and choose the category that corresponds to the problem you are having. In the case of problems with Gmailcategories include:

  • Missing Gmail messages
  • Unwanted or suspicious emails
  • Loading and display problems
  • Problems with Gmail / Google accounts
  • Can’t sign in to your Google account
  • Synchronization and import
  • Rejected messages
  • Switching to Gmail from Microsoft Outlook

You can find a solution to your specific problem directly in this Help Center. If not, contact Google.

How to report a problem to Google

If you encounter an issue that isn’t listed in the Gmail Help Center, report it to Google. If you’re having trouble with Gmail, select Assistance (Question mark).

After pressing on that question mark icon various options will open. Select Send feedback. In the “Send feedback” window, describe the problem. Include a screenshot of the issue if you have one, and then hit Submit.

Use the provided tools to hide and highlight elements in the screenshot that is automatically created. After sending feedback, wait for a response from a Google technician.

SNB: If your Gmail is part of a paid Google Workspace subscription, you have access to additional Google Workspace support options, including phone, chat, and email.


Why isn’t Gmail working?

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Gmail outages are rare, but if you can’t load Gmail, you may have run out of space Google Drive. Try deleting some items to free up some items, clearing your browser cache, or restarting your computer or mobile device.

Where is my Google Workspace status dashboard?

You’ll find it at This page tells you whether each of your Google apps is up and running or experiencing an outage or outage.

Google doesn’t open, why?

If the Google (search) page doesn’t open, try changing your browser. Check that no firewalls are active and that there are no network blocks (some company networks may block access to the internet and also to Google). Also try disabling any antivirus on that PC. If Google doesn’t open it doesn’t mean it’s down for everyone, it could just be a problem with your computer and your internet connection.

I can’t access GMAIL, what should I do?

If you can’t access your Gmail account, you’ve most likely forgotten your password. In this case, read our detailed guide on how to recover Gmail password.

How to report that Google is down?

In addition to contacting Google’s help center, you can also report today’s problem by going to This Page. Or write in the comments below: if other users have the same problem they will definitely share it with you!

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