The Best PowerPoint Templates for Educational Presentations

Whether you are teaching a class, giving a lecture, creating a tutorial, or running a training session, these PowerPoint templates are perfect. Some give you tables, charts, and diagrams while others give you a simple educational theme for your situation.

With a template, you do not have to waste time creating a presentation from a blank canvas. Instead, you can concentrate on the content that goes into it.

If PowerPoint is your slide-creating tool of choice and an educational theme is what you need, check out these awesome options.

back to elementary school powerpoint template

For grammar school teachers, this Microsoft Office template is a great way to show your class what to expect throughout the year. You can use all or just some of the 23 slides with an upbeat autumn theme. The widescreen template includes a classroom schedule table as well as bulleted lists for goals, subjects, and supplies.

For more help with the back-to-school season, check out these Microsoft Office templates for teachers heading back to class.

schoolyard kids powerpoint template

When you need a template for your daycare facility, elementary school class, or child-specific program, this template is ideal. With a cartoon-style theme, the slides are colorful but not overdone. A few of the slides have spots for photos, making it easy for you to pop in your own for the presentation.

educational subjects powerpoint template

This template from Microsoft Office is suitable for math, science, or geography with its chalkboard drawings. With six populated and five blank slides, you can create a complete presentation. You will find bulleted lists, a bar chart, a table, and a diagram. So, use those that apply to the subject of your discussion and just remove the others.

academic course overview powerpoint template

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For high school teachers or college professors, this template provides several slides that give your students a good overview. Complete the course description and objectives, required materials, schedule, assessment criteria, and resources. Just swap out your details and make a few adjustments for this presentation to be ready to go.

educational concept free powerpoint template

If you work at a college or university and just want a plain and simple yet educational-themed template, this one is for you. From, this gives you a nice, two-tone green design with a minimalistic education concept. When you want your viewers to concentrate more on the words than the images, this template works well.

Note: To download this template, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the site’s page. Then, click the link for either widescreen or standard as shown in the screenshot below.

download note free design powerpoint template

human body free powerpoint template

For science subjects, nursing classes, or any medical-related presentation, check out this template. It shows anterior views of the male and female bodies. You can use that picture on the main title slide and use imageless slides for the rest. Or mix it up with the two different styles.

Note: This template also comes from Remember to scroll to the bottom of the template page and choose widescreen or standard as shown in the above screenshot.

math education presentation powerpoint template

With a small Pi picture, this math education template from Microsoft Office is both appealing and useful.

Use it for your high school or college class, presentations to your mathematics department, or your accounting firm interns. Like other templates on this list, the slides include bulleted lists, a chart, a diagram, and empty slides for you to use as needed.

dictionary powerpoint template

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This cool dictionary template zooms in on the word “education” and includes four eye-catching slides.

It is ideal for journalism courses, English classes, university lectures, or school board meetings. Alternate the slides for a different look or just use the ones you like. Either way, this is a handsome template.

physics lesson powerpoint template

For science projects, physics lessons, online tutorials, or presentations of experimental data, this nice and neat template is spot-on. You receive the title slide and two additional blank ones to add whatever you need. The atom picture carries over to each slide for a consistent theme throughout.

group project powerpoint template

When you need to plan a group project for your class or a team project for a program, provide participants this template. It is intended for multiple authors and includes slide sections for the front matter, closing, and three group members. You and your group will find the charts, tables, and bulleted lists really handy.

graduation powerpoint template

With graduations happening at different times throughout the year at colleges, having a template ready will get you ahead of the game. This casual and attractive option from gives you the cap and diploma on each slide. Then, you are free to add whatever you want to the slides, but keep the look and feel consistent.

widescreen graduation powerpoint template

Another graduation template with an alternate appearance is this option from SlideHunter. You get two simple slides so you can add in lists, photos, images, or text easily. For academic graduations, this widescreen template offers style and simplicity.

chalkboard education powerpoint template

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A chalkboard design is suitable for various types of presentations such as academic, training, coaching, seminars, educational administration, and even business. The template includes charts, lists, and diagrams and as you can see, they really pop on the blackboard background.

pencil and notebooks powerpoint template

Another template suitable for a variety of situations like the chalkboard template is this one from It has a professional look and layout on three simple slides. Remember, you can add slides in PowerPoint for lengthier presentations while still keeping the template theme.

weekly lesson plan powerpoint template

If what you really need a PowerPoint template for is a lesson plan, this is a clean and clear option. From SlideHunter, this template helps you and your class can stay on track. Pop it up on the projector to go over it with your students and then print copies for the class.

simple lesson plan powerpoint template

For more flexibility with your lesson plan, this option also from SlideHunter lets you clearly state class guidelines. List the objectives, details, and verification for both the teacher and student. Like the weekly lesson plan, you can print it and hand it out. Or save a copy to include in your digital syllabus.

The Best PowerPoint Templates for Students of All Ages

These templates are sure to get you off to a great start with your educational presentation. Whether your students are in grade school, high school, or college, you’re covered.

Want to create infographics to make your presentation more engaging? You can start with the lovely templates you’ll find in these free infographics tools online!

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