Microsoft rolls out Office Web Apps redesign and new features

This week Microsoft is updating its free, cloud-powered, Office Web Apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. They all have been refreshed visually, they incorporate new navigation, and some new features.

After getting the update, one of the first changes you’ll notice is the addition of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote to the main menu while using SkyDrive — Now you have access to all the Office Web Apps from one location.

As an additional touch, Microsoft is changing the way elements look on the web apps, using a slightly different color-coded bar providing easy access to the navigation header, and of course with the “Share” button on the top-far right to initiate real-time collaboration. Overall the Web Apps are now more flattened and more touch-friendly with extra spacing between elements.

Updated header OWA

Office Web Apps update January 2014

Perhaps the most important feature worth noting is the new “Tell Me” feature, which is a search bar sitting atop of the main menu, but don’t get confused with Microsoft’s voice technology “TellMe”, this is just a new feature based on typed queries that will help users to get the work done faster. For example, if you don’t know how to apply double spacing, just type “How do I apply double spacing?” and Tell Me will give you the instructions on how to apply the new format.

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Tell Me new Office Web Apps feature included in January 2014 update

The new Office Web Apps now features footnotes and endnotes to help you add, browse, and format using the new canvas. Microsoft is also improving rendering support for WordArt, Textboxes, and Shapes.

Footnotes on Office Web Apps update January 2014

Microsoft started rolling out the new Office Web Apps today, but it could take several weeks to reach everyone.

Source Microsoft

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