Microsoft’s Office preview for Android phones now available for download

Starting today, May 19, 2015, Microsoft is releasing a preview version of the Office mobile apps for Android phones. Back in January, the software giant launched the suite of Office apps for Android tablets, and now Android phones are getting the apps with a very similar look.

While the desktop version of Office is the one that offers all the features you come to expect from the suite, and the tablet version allows you to have all the basic features, the edition for phones is very limited to view and edit documents.

To accomplish the one hand experience, Microsoft is placing the editing options at the bottom of the screen with the most common options users need to style a Word document. In Excel, Microsoft is focusing Office to offer quick options to add changes to cells, and PowerPoint has been optimize to show slide presentations. No surprising, like the iOS version of Office, the apps for Android have integration to OneDrive and native support for Dropbox to save and open files.

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This new preview marks a big milestone, as the company now has a universal set of Office apps across Android, iOS, and Windows phones. It’s worth pointing out that the preview version of Office for Windows handsets is only available for Windows Insiders testing the Windows 10 Mobile preview. While Android is getting a preview today, the company plans to release a complete version before the year ends.


To download and test the new Office for Android phone Preview, join the Office for Android community. Then Become a tester by clicking the links to download Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Note that after joining the Android community, you’ll have to wait about four hours for Google Play to grant the permissions for you to use the above links to download the apps from the Google Play Store.

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