Inside Office Mobile for iPhone: All you need to know

Microsoft is finally releasing Office Mobile for iPhone and by no means this is a full-blown version of Office, it’s just the Office Mobile version you’ll find in Windows Phone and now is available on Apple’s iPhone, including iPod. Microsoft is also making this suite of office apps free for Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 Pro Plus subscribers — which means that you won’t be able to buy Office Mobile by itself, you’ll be required to have a 365 subscription.

You can download it from the Apple App Store and you’ll get access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Mobile to view and edit your documents. The one problem, though, is that it’s only available for your iPhone and iPod, there is no a iPad or even an Android version. Users with this kind of mobile devices has to continue accessing documents via the web with the Office Web Apps.

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Note that OneNote isn’t included, because it’s already available for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Outlook on the other hand isn’t available, because it is exclusive to the Windows Phone.

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Feature highlights

  • Of course, because it is Office, your documents will always retain formatting and layout while adding, viewing, or editing content.
  • Office Mobile for iPhone also makes it more convenient to access files from SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro, SharePoint Online, opening and editing an email attachment, and many other places.
  • Microsoft has ported the Office Mobile version of Windows Phone into iPhone, but the company has also optimized this version for small screens to be more touch friendly.
  • You can also quickly share documents right from Office Mobile. You can review comments in Word and Excel, write your own comments, and save those file to different cloud services.

Word for iPhone

Word for iPhone lets you open, edit and create new documents. This version of Microsoft Word also comes with the Resume Reading feature, this means that documents in the SkyDrive service will resume where you stopped reading from any other Office 365 device.

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The blue toolbar atop will help you navigate, find File Options, Editing Tools, and Viewing Tools. If you’re looking to share a file, you can easily click the File Options, where you’ll find the share or save options.

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Excel for iPhone

Excel for iPhone lets you create, open and edit, workbooks, worksheets, graphs, charts, and SmartArt graphics. You can craft data-driven charts, use the AutoSum and much more. Comments are also supported.

One of the most important tools in Excel are filters, so Microsoft made very convenient to access this feature from the Viewing Tools, to quickly navigate tables.

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PowerPoint for iPhone

With PowerPoint for iPhone you can review slides and edit speaker notes, move and hide slides, and make changes right in your phone. Unlike Word and Excel, PowerPoint’s navigation bar replaces the Viewing Tools with the Slide Navigator.

When in portrait mode you can modify the slides and flipping the phone to landscape will let you swipe the presentation. Tap the slide to edit, move, or hide to bring back the navigator bar.

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PowerPoint for iPhone, Office Mobile 300_wide

Setting for Office Mobile

In the Settings tab from home allows you to add a new identity or you can Reset Office. Using the Reset option will delete all your data and reset the app to its initial state (activation configurations won’t be affected).

The iPhone Office Mobile suite rolls out starting June 14, in the U.S., Microsoft will expand availability to 135 markets and 29 languages before the end of June.

Office 365 subscribers can get the new suite of apps on up to five iPhones (or iPods). The good news here is that these licenses will not count to the pool of Office 365 licences. This means that you can install Office 2013 on up to five devices (Windows PCs or Macs) and up to five iPhones for a total of ten devices.

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