What Does the Office Key on Keyboards Do?

If you’ve recently bought or used a modern-day keyboard, you may have spotted a key on it that has the Microsoft Office logo on it. It’s not self-explanatory as to what it does, so what is the Office key on keyboards and how do you use it correctly?

What Does the Office Logo Key on a Keyboard Do?

closeup of a microsoft keyboard

As you might expect, the Office key on keyboards helps you open and navigate Microsoft Office apps on your computer. If you press the key by itself, not much will happen; however, much like Function keys, holding it and pressing another key will open up a specific Office program. For example, pressing Office Key + X will open a blank Excel spreadsheet.

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Most programs correspond with a letter in a fairly self-explanatory way. Office Key + W opens a blank Word document, and Office Key + P opens a fresh PowerPoint slide.

The list of supported apps is quite extensive, so have a look at the official Microsoft Support page to see what other programs can be opened with this key. Any version of the Office programs can be opened using these commands.

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What If My Keyboard Doesn’t Have One?


The Office Key, unlike many standardized keyboard functions, doesn’t use its own dedicated modifier.

To put it simply, the Office Key isn’t truly its own key. Instead, it’s actually a shortcut for several key presses. This means you’re able to use these functions regardless of which keyboard model you own.

If you’d like to use the Office Key shortcut on any keyboard, simply hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Win. This combination of key presses activates the Office Key function.

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Learning New Keyboard Shortcuts

With the relatively recent introduction of the Office Key, it’s unknown what additional keys may end up on our keyboards in the future. It’s always worth learning what these new functions are, be it for work or personal use.

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