Microsoft Office gets Google Drive plug-in to save documents straight into Google

Google has just released a new plug-in that will allow Microsoft Office users on Windows to save their documents into Google Drive.

It seems that Google finally found something on Windows worth building a piece of software for, as you know the search giant hasn’t really expand its portfolio of apps to Windows, every time the company gets asked to bring an app for the Windows ecosystem, Google always answers that when there is a demand, it will bring the app or service in question to the operating system.

Today, it seems that Google is already feeling the presences of OneDrive and Office apps on Android, as such it would appear that making available a Google Drive plug-in for Office on Windows could be one of the things the company is doing to get more users to start using more Google services.

With the Google Drive plug-in for Office on Windows, now you can seamlessly save your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents right into Google’s cloud storage service. Once you installed the plug-in, simply create a new document, click Save and choose Google Drive as the storage destination.

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The only issue is that the Google Drive plug-in requires Microsoft Office 2007 or a later version to work.

Do you use Google Drive or OneDrive to store your documents online? Let us know in the comments below.

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