How to migrate your Evernote notes to OneNote with a simple importer

Microsoft’s OneNote has been improving and it’s slowly becoming the note-taking platform of choice on Windows 10, Android, iOS and Mac OSX. However, for the longest time, the service lacked of an important functionality — the ability to migrate notes from other services like Evernote.

Now the software giant has made available a OneNote importer that has been crafted to migrate Evernote notes into the service.

The tool is currently available on Windows, but the company will be releasing a version for Mac in the near future to allow users to migrate their notes to OneNote.

In this tutorial you’ll learn the easy steps to migrate notes from Evernote to OneNote using the importer.

Import Evernote notes into OneNote

  1. You can’t import notes from your Evernote account into OneNote directly. Make sure you have Evernote installed on Windows. You can download Evernote from here.

  2. Download the importer from OneNote.

  3. Double-click the StartOneNoteImporter.exe file.

  4. On the OneNote importer wizard, accept the terms, and click Get started.

  5. Select the Evernote Notebooks you want to migrate, and click Next. (You can also choose to import a file instead.)

    Select Evernote content to import into OneNote

  6. Sign-in with your Microsoft account that you use with OneNote.

  7. Choose how your content will be organized on OneNote, and click Import.

    Import Evernote to OneNote

  8. Click the View notes in OneNote button to see your migrated notes.

  9. If you don’t see your migrated notes in OneNote, click the menu button on the top-left corner.

  10. Click More Notebooks.

  11. Add the Evernote notebooks into OneNote.

    Add Evernote notebooks in OneNote

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The new Microsoft tool works on Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10.

While Evernote and OneNote are similar products, the software maker now feels that users are finally ready to switch to its cloud service, as it offer additional advantages such as free offline access, unlimited monthly uploads, and much more.

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