The 15 Best Microsoft Word Cover Page Templates

If you want to add something extra to your report or essay, an attractive cover page can help. Not only can it bring flair to your document, but it is also helpful. A cover page introduces the paper to your audience with a title, author, date, and summary.

The cover page makes the first impression on your readers and conveys the big picture of the content. So, if you are ready to complete your business or educational paper, here are several Microsoft Word cover page templates.

Templates for Business Reports and Texts

1. Business Cover Page Median Theme

business cover median-template for cover page

This Median-themed template not only gives you an eye-catching cover page but helps you start your report. The cover page includes space for a photo, such as your business location, product or service, or company logo. You can also add the date and an optional subtitle, along with a summary of the contents.

The second page of the template provides headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and a quote section. This template from Microsoft Office is a great choice that goes a little further to assist you with your document.

2. Report Cover Page Executive Design

Microsoft report cover page executive design

This design from Microsoft comes with a cover page template and report format in one. The cover page has a tasteful and professional geometric design. You can pop in the report title, subtitle, and abstract like the other templates.

The second page carries over the same black, white, and purple color scheme and offers a sidebar for highlighting key points. You also have headings, subheadings, and paragraphs for a complete package.

So, if this style matches your business, it is a good choice.

3. Formal Cover Page Blue Vertical Design

cover page template blue vertical design

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Maybe you prefer to stay away from a cover page that includes a photo. If so, this basic option from Hloom might be more your style. With a simple blue vertical line design, the cover page also has spots for the title, subtitle or abstract, date, and the author’s name.

4. Report Cover Page Dark Blue Weaves

cover page template dark blue weaves

Hloom has another good option in a darker blue. This one highlights the title of your report with large font right in the center. Other great features of this page are the additional text areas. You can include a subtitle, date, or your company motto at the top. Then, at the bottom is a place for the report’s author or your summary.

Templates for Educational Essays and Term Papers

5. Student Paper Cover Page

Microsoft Cover page template for students report

For students who have the flexibility to format their cover page as they like, this Microsoft Office cover page template is an excellent option. You can pop in a photo or other picture and add the report title, student name, course name, instructor name, and date. You can also easily remove the areas that you don’t need.

Similar to the business cover letter templates, this one includes a second page for the report. Headings, subheadings, and a bulleted list are there for convenience. But, if you are required to submit your paper in a specific format like MLA or APA, you can use the cover page.

6. Student Report With Cover Page

Microsoft CoverPageTemplate OfficeStudentReport

Microsoft Word gives you this lovely cover page template for a more compact design that includes a helpful second page. Like other templates for students, you can use a photo or picture that enhances your report topic. Insert your title and subtitle and then your name, course name, and date.

The second page has headings and subheadings with a bulleted list to assist you in starting your report, research paper, term paper, or essay.

7-9. APA-Style Cover Pages

When your instructor requires an APA cover page to match your paper, Hloom has a few templates. Each option provides the correct line spacing, font size, margins, Times New Roman font style, and a running head. You can use these templates for a paper with one author, multiple authors within the same institution, or authors with different affiliations.

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  • The first template is for a paper with just one author, and it is plain and straightforward with places for your title, name, and affiliation or institution name.

cover page template apa-style

  • These two are suitable for a two-author paper. You will notice that the only difference is the affiliation.

cover page template apa-style

10. Collaborative Cover Page

Microsoft CoverPageTemplate

If you have a paper with more than one author but are not restricted to the APA format, this report template will be handy. You can add a photo, title, abstract, and multiple authors. You can also fill out the areas for class, semester, instructor name, and date. Take advantage of the second page to start your paper right with a convenient formatting option.

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Creative Cover Page Templates

11. Book Background Cover Page

cover page template book background

When you want to go all out with a book theme, this Hloom cover page is the right way to do it. The cover page has an old-fashioned look with yellowed paper, and you can add your title and a nice-sized summary.

12. Purple Lined Cover Page

cover page template purple lined

Do you like the larger area for the abstract and creative design, but not necessarily the book theme? This purple vertical lined cover page from Hloom is stylish and simple at the same time. Add your title and summary with a bit of flare.

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All-Purpose Templates

If none of these templates fit your needs exactly as you like, maybe an all-purpose template is for you. You can use these cover pages for business or educational documents. Remember, you can remove any text blocks that you do not need.

13. Abstract Design Cover Page

cover page template abstract design

This cover page template is an attractive and professional option. The abstract-designed design at the bottom includes a placeholder for the year. This can be modified after you enable the template for editing. You can complete the title, subtitle, author, and company information.

14. Text Background Cover Page

cover page template text background

This is an educational cover page with space to enter the title of your report, subtitle, date, and author. You can enter the date from the drop-down calendar by clicking the template. The background is editable text, which makes this template fun to work with. So, you can enter your own words or letters for a unique look or delete them.

15. Basic Cover Page

cover page template basic

When basic is best for your report or paper, this neat and clean template is a good choice. There are no fancy images or photo spots, just a splash of color in the line separating the title and subtitle, which can be removed. Locations for the company name, author, and summary are centered and evenly spaced.

Did You Find the Perfect Cover Page Template?

Hopefully, one or more of these cover page templates will help you create beautiful reports for your business or education. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, you could create custom templates in Microsoft Word.

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