Microsoft unveiled the new Metro style email service

Microsoft continues working hard updating to Metro style its line of software and online services to have them ready at launch of Windows 8 on October 26th.

This time the software maker has unveiled a totally new and more productive preview version of its popular web mail service Hotmail — now re-branded to Even though the old service will remain operational, the new version of the service brings tons of new features and new design, among the new changes users will see: a brand new experience with a Metro style user interface, Exchange ActiveSync compatible clients, and POP3 capabilities.

The company defines as “modern”, “connected”, “smart”, and “putting you in control”, and we’re seeing a major game changer in email since Google gave us the massive 1GB of storage. The new redesigned email service now shares the same look and feel as Windows 8 Metro design and brings together others Cloud-based services like Calendar, People, and SkyDrive — it is worth noting that this is a preview version, so it is a work in progress, and, for example, SkyDrive still has the same old look as –. Microsoft is also adding Skype video calling integration, threaded messaging and social integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google).

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Users with a Hotmail or a Live account won’t necessarily have to create a brand new account, they can just upgrade to the latest preview in two different ways — here is how.

Even more features

Other new features in the new include: capability of sorting all your messages from newsletters, contacts, shipping updates and social updates. More rules can always be added by using the Sweep feature, which will only take a few steps. To make less complicated and more productive, Microsoft also has included the free Office Web Apps that brings to the web web browser: OneNote, Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and attachments can be edited without having to leave the inbox.


Microsoft also wants you to know that they are better than the competition “We don’t scan your email content or attachments and sell this information to advertisers or any other company, and we don’t show ads in personal conversations. We let you decide whether to connect your account to social networks”.

With the new name ( the software giant finally is giving everyone a more professional email platform. Although the new service still in its preview stages, it works great and it feels solid. Microsoft has yet to update some other services to the Metro design, like SkyDrive, but it is not a problem to use the service. The one thing where the company will have to work harder is to get users from other email services, such as Gmail, to switch to

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Do you want to give a try to the new Microsoft email service? Head over and create a new account, you can also use other email services to preview Outlook.

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