Microsoft Snip (beta) full featured screenshot taking app ready for download

Microsoft has just released a tool part of Office that will help users to easily take and share screenshots on Windows. The tool is called Snip, it’s a project from Microsoft Garage, and it’s available for download now as a beta desktop app.

In Microsoft Snip, you can take screenshots of the entire display or from an active window automatically, or you can click and drag to capture an area of the screen.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features is the advanced annotation feature. Sure, you can capture a screenshot and annotate the picture to highlight what you’re trying to transmit using digital ink. However, the Snip tool from Microsoft takes screenshots to a new level by allowing you to record what you’re annotating with voice and save it as a MP4 video.

Snip share

Once you’re done with the screenshot or video, you can simply save it or share it with other people. If you want to embed or share a link, the video or screenshot will get uploaded automatically to Office Mix.

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Other tools available with Snip include: a pen with different sizes and basic colors for annotation, an eraser, the ability to copy the screenshot to the clip board, and a few other options.

Snip also features its own taskbar with three buttons to take a screenshot, to open a whiteboard, and a button to take a picture using your computer’s camera.

You can annotate screenshots and create narrative videos with Snip using a keyboard and mouse, but you’ll find that it works best on tablets, such as the Surface Pro 3, and touch capable laptops.

The tool is very basic, but includes all you need for basic screenshot taking and more. Snip is available now in beta and you can download it now from Office Mix.

What do you think about Snip? Do you have a favorite screenshot taking app? Tell us in the comments below.

Source Microsoft Snip

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