Microsoft’s Office now integrates with more storage cloud services

Microsoft announces today the Cloud Storage Partner Program for Office, which will allow cloud storage services, other than OneDrive, to connect to Office Online. Also, the company rolls out a new update for its Office for iPad and iPhone apps bringing easy connections to third-party storage services.

Office Online

For Office Online, Microsoft is introducing the Cloud Storage Partner Program to help third party cloud services to plug into Office Online. This program will allow users to open, edit, and view documents on different storage services.

New Cloud storage integration for Office

The software giant also said that Box, Citrix, and Salesforce are already working to integrate their services with Office Online, and more services will join the program in the future.

Office for iPad and iPhone apps update

On a new update released today, Microsoft is now allowing third-party cloud storage providers to natively integrate into the “Locations” picker in Office for iOS. The company says that the new integration will let users open, edit, and save documents directly from Office into the new services.

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The update is rolling out today for iPad and iPhone, but the company details that the new integration will also come to the Office universal apps for Windows 10 and Office for Android apps.

Office Online Word

This is just another way Microsoft is trying to make Office more versatile on any device, platform, and on every storage service provider. And it also shows that the company will do anything to get customers into the Office 365 subscription plan as the suite of apps is becoming a major role of revenue.

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