Microsoft releases new Outlook app for Windows 11 (preview)

  • The new Outlook app for Windows 11 (and 10) is now available as a preview.
  • The email client replaces the classic Mail and Outlook apps with a new unified design.
  • Anyone can try the new Outlook app with or without a Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • This preview includes new features and support for third-party email services like Gmail.

Microsoft is now making available a public preview of the new version of the Outlook app for Windows 11 (and Windows 10) that replaces the Mail and Calendar apps and the classic desktop version of Outlook with a unified design based on the web experience.

A preview of the new email client has been available for some time. However, it was limited to participants of the Office Insider Program with a Microsoft 365 subscription. The latest preview of the Outlook app is available for everyone, including those using the classic desktop version through a Microsoft 365 subscription and those without a subscription using the Mail and Calendar app.

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According to the announcement, the app currently only supports personal, school, and work Microsoft accounts. However, it’s working to bring third-party email services, including Yahoo, iCloud, and IMAP. Google’s Gmail is available now, but it’s rolling out in stages, which means that it may take some time to become available to everyone.

As part of the new design, which is basically the web version of Outlook but tailored for the desktop with offline support (support still in development) and the ability to add multiple accounts, Microsoft is outlining a number of changes to improve writing and managing emails for this first public release.

New Outlook inbox
New Outlook inbox

Some of these changes include the integration of the Microsoft Editor for rich editing, spelling, and auto-complete suggestions and the ability to send emails with polls to help make decisions quicker. This last feature is only available for work and school accounts.

New Outlook compose
New Outlook compose

The new Outlook for Windows 11 includes an “undo” sending feature that delays sending a message giving you 10 seconds to cancel the email so you can make additional changes or discard the message entirely. In addition, you can start a Skype or Teams call directly from the email client and pin important emails to the top of the inbox.

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In the Calendar experience, you will find some interesting improvements, including support for Google Calendar when adding a Gmail account, multiple time zones, daily weather, and you can add multiple shared calendars.

New Outlook calendar
New Outlook calendar

The company also notes that the new version of Outlook retains some of the previous features, including tracking packages and checking in to flights directly from your inbox, reminders for important messages that require a reply, search folders, and the ability to personalize your email density and views.

As part of the roadmap, the development team is also working on various visual updates, new personalization options, and native ICS file type support. The team is also working on a fresh new look with bolder colors and better readability for the Calendar experience, and more importantly, offline support to enable users to use the email client without an internet connection.

If you want to install the new Outlook app, you will need a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer, a Microsoft work or school account, or a personal Microsoft account (MSA) or Gmail account, and an internet connection.

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It’s important to note that the app is still a work in progress. If you depend on the current version of the email client for work or school and you have different email services, it’s not recommended to switch versions since the new Outlook preview is still limited, and you can’t add third-party services other than Gmail (limited availability) at this time.

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