Microsoft Editor Receiving Handy Feature Update for Office Insiders

Microsoft Editor will receive an upgrade in a coming Microsoft Office update, expanding its capabilities and making the tool easier to find within Office apps.

What’s in the Microsoft Editor Update?

Although Microsoft Editor sounds like a premium tool, it is actually just the official name given to the collection of squiggly colored lines you see in Office apps. Misspelled a word and right clicked the red squiggle to resolve it? You’re using Microsoft Editor.

In recent years, Microsoft Editor has undergone several facelifts, with premium Office versions (such as Microsoft 365) unlocking advanced grammar checking, voice and clarity analysis, formal language checks, and more. Then, there’s the Editor panel, which you can use to scan through and edit your document using Microsoft Editor suggestions.

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The update introduces a few new quality of life and efficiency features.

Editor is designed to help you write confidently and communicate your message effectively. We’re always trying to improve the experience and the quality of the output. I’m pleased to announce a change in the way we review spelling, grammar, and other intelligent suggestions in Word for Windows.

You can now view all spelling, grammar, and intelligent suggestions with a single mouse click, rather than having to right-click and work through suggestions.

You’ll also find a more concise version of the Editor’s suggestions when you do click, making it easier to understand why Microsoft Editor is suggesting a change.

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The final improvement comes to the Microsoft Editor pane itself. The newly updated pane “allows for a more contextual and accessible review experience.” The updates will essentially streamline the editing process and options available in the pane, making it easier to use.

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The Microsoft Editor update was announced on the Office Insider blog, which summarizes the reasons for the update as the “strive for simplicity.”

You’ll find a cleaner interface, a dedicated experience that removes some of the extra Editor options from the single-click commands, and a better contextual click experience, too.

When Is the Microsoft Editor Update Available?

The Microsoft Editor update is already available to Current Channel (Preview) users. Microsoft 365 Current Channel (Preview) enables users to receive new Office feature updates roughly once a month, as well as security and bug fixes.

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Keep your eyes peeled for the new Microsoft Editor updates. If they haven’t arrived with your version of Microsoft 365, you can switch your Office Insider version within one of the apps.

Head to Account > Office Insider. Then, use the dropdown menu to select Join Office Insider or change your Office Insider options.

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