Microsoft Fixes a 365 Bug That Junks All Your Emails

Now would be a good time to ensure nothing important slipped the net.

If you use Microsoft 365 and you’re noticing far less correspondence in your inbox lately, there’s likely a very good reason for it. The online productivity suite recently suffered a nasty bug that sent legitimate emails to your junk folder, but Microsoft has pushed out a resolve for it.

Microsoft 365’s Annoying Email Bug

As reported on the Microsoft 365 Status Twitter account, the company became aware of a bug that kept shoving your incoming mail into the junk folder. Microsoft quickly fixed this issue, but there was still the problem of thousands of legitimate emails stuffed in the junk folder.

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As such, Microsoft said it was reprocessing everyone’s emails and double-checking to see if they were actually junk or not. After around 12 hours, Microsoft came back with some good news: it had finished processing everyone’s mail.

As such, if you use Microsoft 365, now is a good time to check your inbox again to see if Microsoft has recovered some erroneously junked emails. And while you’re at it, take a peek into your junk folder in case Microsoft missed something.

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One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Really Important Email

A recent bug in Microsoft 365 may have placed your important emails into the junk folder. If you use Microsoft 365 for your work, double-check your inbox for any surprise emails, and do a once-over on your junk folder too.

Hopefully, Microsoft can keep these bugs to a minimum in the future. The company recently boasted of 50 million subscribers on Microsoft 365, so errors like this one can cause huge ramifications all around the world.

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