Microsoft 365 Arrives on Amazon Fire Tablets

Microsoft has always prided itself in its 365 productivity suite, claiming that it can help you get work done no matter where you are. For a while, this wasn’t exactly true for people who rely on Amazon Fire tablets while on the go, but Microsoft is now changing that.

Microsoft 365 Debuts on Amazon Fire Tablets

As announced on the Microsoft 365 website, the tech giant has now published the full library of apps on the Amazon Appstore. This means you can download Microsoft 365 onto an Amazon Fire tablet and get working right away.

This is fantastic news for those who like Amazon’s tablets, as users were stuck with only Outlook and OneDrive apps for a while now. However, now you can get the full smorgasbord of Microsoft productivity tools without using any workarounds.

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Not only that, but the app’s release also coincides with the release of a new deal called the Amazon Fire HD 10 Productivity Bundle:

The bundle includes the new Amazon Fire HD 10 or Fire HD 10 Plus tablet, a detachable keyboard case, and a 12-month subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal, which includes premium Office apps, 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage, and more, which you can use on up to five compatible devices at the same time. The bundle is available for pre-sale in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Japan, starting today.

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As such, whether you already own an Amazon Fire tablet or plan to get one, now is a great time to grab Microsoft 365 and get your work done on the go. Microsoft 365 works a little differently than the more traditional standalone versions of the Office suite, but it still puts up a great fight when you compare it against the products it originated from.

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Firing Up Your Productivity With Amazon Fire Tablets

If you own an Amazon Fire tablet and want Microsoft 365 on it, you’ve likely been very disappointed for a while. Now, you can grab Microsoft’s productivity suite from the app store or purchase a new productivity bundle if you’ve been eyeing an Amazon Fire tablet for a while now.

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Amazon Fire tablets doesn’t seem to get a lot of attention, but they’re solid gadgets for anyone who wants to work and play on the go. They’re full of neat tricks, too, such as child profiles and screen recording.

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