How to view multiple documents in Microsoft Office 2010

Sometimes working with multiple Microsoft Office documents can be overwhelming, even more when you are working with a single screen, which most people do. However Microsoft Office can help to make it easier to work with multiple documents, different views, and all at once. You can, for example, compare side-by-side the content of two documents, instead of minimizing and maximizing documents back and forth, or arrange all the windows in tiles, or you can split a very long documents into two scrollable panes to view different sections of it.

Viewing multiple documents in Microsoft Office 2010

First open a least two or more Microsoft Office documents, then go to the View tab, and do one of the following:

a.  Click Arrange All to tile all documents side-by-side to review their content. Note that in Excel 2010 when you click Arrange All you will be asked how to arrange windows.

Microsoft Office 2010 - Arrange All


Microsoft Excel 2010 - Arrange All


b.  Clicking View Side by Side will allow you to compare two documents at once. If you have more than two documents open, you will be asked to choose which is the other document that you want to compare with. Also Synchronous Scrolling will be enabled as well to scroll both documents at the same time to better analyze the content of the document.

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Microsoft Office 2010 - View Side by Side


c.  Clicking Split will allow you to split a single document into two scrollable sections, so you can review different parts of the same document.

Microsoft Office 2010 - Split view


I hope these simple tip for Microsoft Office 2010 were helpful!

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