How to Use Outlook in Dark Mode

Do you use Outlook for your emails? Want to reduce eye strain and preserve battery life in one go? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Outlook in Dark mode to do just that.

We’ll also take a look at how to spruce things up even further using Outlook Themes.

Step 1. Head to the Settings

Outlook with settings highlighted

Look to the upper-right corner of your screen and locate the Settings icon. It looks like a gear.

Click it. A list of configurations options will appear.

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Step 2. Locate and Toggle Dark Mode

Outlook with dark mode setting highlighted

You’ll find Outlook’s Dark mode setting right under the Theme section. While unchecked, it looks like a grey slider. Click it to turn it on.

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Outlook Dark Mode

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You’re all set! Enjoy using Outlook in Dark mode.

Outlook Themes

Browsing your inbox doesn’t have to be dull and draining. Outlook Themes are a great way to liven things up (and they can be used with both Light and Dark mode).

Locating a new theme is just as simple as turning on Dark mode. Head to Settings, then right below the Search Outlook configurations bar you’ll find the Theme section.

You can choose any of the 10 top options or select the View all button to load a larger list of Outlook themes.

Outlook inbox with theme applied

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These solid colors, gradients, or illustrations are applied to the Outlook toolbar upon selection. The displayed font color will also change to match your selected theme.

If you decide a new theme isn’t for you, you can always revert to Outlook’s default Organizational theme at any time.

Dark Mode Is Available in All Microsoft Office Apps

If you use other Microsoft Office apps as well as Outlook, you might want to enable Dark mode in those apps too. This way you get a consistent appearance across all your productivity apps: Outlook, Word, Excel, and more.

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