How to Transfer Files from Mobile to PC and Mac (or vice versa)

Who owns a mobile phoneor rather a “smartphone”, sooner or later finds itself with the need to have it connect to your computer (PC or Mac) to be able to transfer files from mobile phone to computer or vice versa transfer files from the computer to the device. On ours blog we have already written dozens of guides and articles that give some tips on how to connect your mobile phone to your computer to make it recognized correctly and to then be able to manage all the data safely.

As you probably already know, every model and brand of cell phone has software”official” associated with which it should be able to communicate with the computer in order to then transfer files of all types. The problem, however, is that these software offered by the manufacturers of the various devices do not always work and are only compatible with those specific cell phones. If you have multiple cell phones in the family (as is likely the case), perhaps even of different brands and operating systems (e.g. two Android cell phones such as Samsung Galaxy and LG, and an iPhone cell phone), you should have 3 different programs to manage the data of the 3 phones from the computer. This is definitely not possible.

A simple, fast and reliable solution for those looking for a way “universal” to manage and transfer files from mobile to PC/Mac (regardless of the model and brand of the device) is to use software like TunesGO. Let’s see how it works below. In addition to this solution we will also analyze others! Read on to learn more!

Transfer Files between Mobile Phone and PC/Mac with TunesGO

TunesGO is a program that is characterized by its compatibility with practically EVERYONE the devices Android And iOS (iPhone). Thanks to this program you can easily transfer files between mobile phone and computer (both Windows and MacOS), without any more puzzles and without even having to search for and install the “drivers” of the cell phone itself.

First you need to download and install the program on your computer. Below are the links to download the version free demo by TunesGO:

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After installing and opening the program, you will see a screen asking you to connect your mobile phone to the computer via USB cable

Once this connection is made, TunesGO should immediately detect your phone.

NB: In the case of an Android mobile phone, before connecting it via USB to your computer, go to Settings and activate the option USB DEBUGGING. To do this go to Settings –> Phone Info –> Software Info –> click 7 times on Build Version. This will activate the “Developer Options“. Then go to Settings –> Developer Options again and then activate the option USB DEBUGGING

Once your cell phone is detected by TunesGO, you will see a very simple and intuitive interface. The image of the connected mobile phone will appear as seen in the following screenshots.

In the case of iPhone you will see:


In the case of cell phones Android (e.g. an HTC) you will see:

As you can see, the program recognizes both iOS and Android devices, without any problem. This means that even if you change phones in the future, you can continue to use TunesGO to manage and transfer data from your smartphone or tablet.

On the right of the mobile phone image there are 4 buttons relating to some functions such as the one that allows you to rebuild the iTunes library starting from the multimedia files present on the device, the file transfer function from iTunes to the mobile phone, the full backup of photos on your PC and transferring files to other devices.

The first and last functions represent two great potentialities of TunesGO because they are functions that we can’t even find on iTunes. iTunes, in fact, does not allow you to transfer music files from your iPhone to your computer, and many users complain about this limitation. this is one of the most frustrating limitations of the platform. The data copy function between two devices is also a novelty that other software does not have.

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At the top of the program interface there are buttons that allow you to access the categories of the various files: Music, Video, Photos, Information, Applications, Explore and Toolbox. By clicking on Music you will be able to see all the music files present in the device divided by type such as Podcasts, Audiobooks, Playlists, etc… and you will be able to both import music from the computer to the mobile phone and export music from the mobile phone to the PC/Mac. The same functions are also present in the section Video.

Regarding the section Photo, here too you will be able to see everything on the program screen and you will have the possibility to transfer photos from your mobile phone to your computer quickly and easily. To facilitate the search for photos, the program offers various filters and organizes the images based on the type and any effects applied: timelapse, slow motion, panorama, selfie, screenshots etc…

If you instead want to transfer files such as contacts and SMS messages you will have to access the Information section.

Continuing the navigation of the tabs, we find the section Information. A window will open from which you can manage the contacts and SMS on your mobile phone. As for contacts, there is also a powerful De-duplication function that removes duplicate contacts


If you want to transfer contacts from your mobile phone to your computer, you can choose one of the following formats: vCard, CSV, Windows Address Book and Outlook.

The section Explore offers an even more complete way to access any type of file on our mobile phone, even system files. For all these types of files it is possible to export or copy to the computer, or add new files from the PC.

At the bottom left you will also notice a folder U Disk: this is a folder that you can use to use your mobile phone as a USB stick or external hard disk, storing any type of file inside it

Finally there is the section Toolbox which includes some functions already analyzed above plus other very interesting ones such as the Backup and Restore function of the mobile phone, the conversion of photos into animated GIFs, ROOT of the device, and so on.

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As you may have noticed, TunesGO is not only an excellent software for transferring files between mobile phone and computer but represents a complete solution for those who want to manage their device 360 ​​degrees from the computer. With just one program you can manage UNLIMITED devices, of any make and model, without having to risk losing or deleting files using manual or improvised solutions.

File transfer via USB cable (Android and iPhone)

For some types of files (e.g. photos or videos) it is also possible to transfer simply using a USB cable that connects the mobile phone to the computer. Here are the detailed steps to follow.

  1. Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.
  2. A notification about the USB connection option should appear on your phone. Select “File Transfer” or “File Transfer” (or similar).
  3. On your PC, open File Explorer (on Windows) or Finder (on macOS) and you will find your mobile device listed under “Devices and drives“. From here you will finally be able to access the files on your phone and transfer them to your PC.

Transfer files from mobile to PC/Mac via cloud services

You can upload files to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud from your phone. Then access the same cloud service on your PC using your browser or desktop application. Finally download the files from the cloud service to your PC. Simple right?

Using Bluetooth (Android and iPhone)

Bluetooth is another useful method for transferring files (if they are not very heavy) from mobile phone to PC or vice versa. The steps to follow are.

  • Make sure Bluetooth is turned on on both devices (phone and PC).
  • On your PC, search for available Bluetooth devices and pair your phone.
  • After pairing, you can send files via Bluetooth from your phone to your PC.

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