How to send a WhatsApp message to multiple people (and not in the address book)

Sending a WhatsApp message to multiple people, to multiple recipients, even those not saved in the address book, is a growing need for more and more companies (especially small and medium-sized companies). Having a list of telephone numbers of your customers (or potential customers) is a wonderful opportunity to do WhatsApp Marketing at a high level and send messages to multiple recipients at the same time to propose offers, provide information and much more.

Whatsapp it has become the preferred communication channel for users and for this reason, if you want to have direct contact, this represents the best channel to use. Regardless of the reason that brought you to this page, below we will discover the best ways to send a WhatsApp message to multiple people.

Way #1. Send message to multiple contacts in the address book (max 256)

The first method concerns the use of Broadcast Lists. For those who don’t know, this is a function present in WhatsApp that allows you to send a message to multiple contacts at the same time, to be precise to a maximum of 256 contacts (which must all be saved in your phone’s address book).

If this scenario applies to you then here are the simple steps to follow:

a) Open WhatsApp
b) Tap the button Menu to open the main menu
c) Select New broadcast

d) Tap the plus sign (+) to select people to send the message to
e) Touch Done and then up Create

WhatsApp Broadcast List.  What is needed and how to create it.  - Bartholomew ...

f) Now WhatsApp will open the message screen with all the selected contacts added as recipients. Write the message and send it.

Way #2. Send a message to multiple people not in your address book

If you have a list of phone numbers of people to contact, but this list includes more than 256 contacts and they are not saved in your address book, then you cannot use WhatsApp. You have to rely on third-party services or applications, specifically designed to send a WhatsApp message to contacts not in the address book, and ideal for advertising campaigns. WhatsApp Marketing.

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There are several software solutions that can do this job. Below we would like to point out two in particular: WinSender And WSTOOL. They are two programs with similar functioning but which rely on two completely different ways to send mass messages.

The first, WinSender is a program that is based on Official WhatsApp APIs, which is a guarantee of reliability and security for your account (no risk of ban or suspension for your account). The second, WSTOOL, is instead a “automation” which relies on WhatsApp Web to automate operations and send a message to multiple recipients (even if not saved in the address book). But let’s see in detail how they work!


Let’s see how it works right away WSTOOLwhich as mentioned, does not use the official WhatsApp API but has the advantage of being able to send unlimited messages without additional costs. You just have to be careful not to take advantage and abuse the service to avoid a ban.

The first thing to do is download and install the software on your Windows PC. Here is the download link:

If you have a Mac we recommend you download and use the program WSTOOL for Mac.

Proceed with installing and starting the program. Here is the interface that will appear on your screen:

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The use of the software is very intuitive and facilitated by the graphics of the program interface. On the left you will have to import the contacts, in the center of the screen there is the text box where you can insert the message and on the right you will be able to see the logs, i.e. the progress of the sending and the outcome.

Contact import

As seen for WinSender, also for WSTOOL you can import contacts that are NOT saved in your address book. If in addition to the number you also have the name, perhaps saved in a CSV or Excel file, even better because through WSTOOL you can create personalized messages, where the name of the person who will receive the message automatically appears.

Click on the button at the top left IT MATTERS and choose between import contacts from file or enter numbers manually

After you have entered the recipients’ numbers, start writing the message from the central area of ​​the program. In addition to the text message, you can add emoticons or attach photos, videos and documents (e.g. PDF).

Sending message

The last step is sending the message. Click SEND and the Whatsapp Web window will open with a QR code. Open Whatsapp on your phone, go to the Menu and click on WhatsApp Web. Bring your phone closer to the PC screen and scan the QR code. Once this is done, the program will start sending messages to all imported contacts.


WinSender is a program developed for Windows computers. You can download the free demo version from the button below:

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Here is the main interface of the program that will open after installation:

As you can imagine from the software interface, its use is simple and intuitive. Perhaps the most complex thing to do is the configuration, that is, creating a developer account on Meta (Facebook) and recovering the API information necessary for the program to function (token, id number, etc…).

Click on API SETTINGS at the top to open the window in which you must enter this information. You will notice the presence of a link, click on it to access the step by step guide on how to create WhatsApp Business Cloud API. Once you have the information, enter it into the program’s settings and you will then be ready to use its features.

First you will need to import the phone numbers of the people you want to contact. You can import these numbers from an excel, csv or txt file.

Then you can go and select the message to send. Even in this case the message must be configured on the Facebook control panel (Meta) and precisely from This Page.

Once the message is approved, it will be visible and selectable from within WINSENDER.

Finally, just press on at the top RUN CAMPAIGN to start sending the message to all imported contacts. At the end of sending, a summary window like the one shown below will automatically open:

If something is not clear you can also take a look at the following video tutorial:

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