How to Open and Manage Multiple GMAIL Email Accounts?

For many of us, Gmail it is the default mail and therefore the central point of our online experience. Google’s email provider manages our single sign-on (SSO), notifies us of important alerts, syncs with company meeting apps, and can easily connect with different platforms. Given such versatility, it is quite common have multiple Gmail accounts to manage all daily activities (both private and professional).

It’s important to know that you don’t have to remember every password for every Gmail account. There are several ways to access multiple Gmail accounts from one place and check all your emails at once. Read on and you’ll find out how to manage multiple GMAIL accounts so you don’t miss important messages in your inbox.

(Recommended) Multi Email Notifier

If you have many Gmail email accounts, and you need to manage and control them from one place, then the best software solution is called Multi Email Notifier. This program works independently, and does nothing other than check (at regular intervals) whether any messages have arrived on one of your GMAIL email accounts (or other providers). In the event of a new message, a notification opens and the program also tells you which Gmail account it refers to, so you can quickly and directly access the Inbox and reply or view that message in full.

First download and install the software in FREE version on your computer from the following link:

After installing and starting the program you can start adding all your GMAIL accounts (don’t worry, the program uses the IMAP protocol and therefore accesses Gmail email data securely and READ ONLY).

After adding all accounts, the program will show the last 20 messages for each account and from now on will notify you when you receive new messages on one of your Gmail accounts. Here is a screenshot of the program:

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Download the 100% free version of this program now and try using it. It will definitely make your life easier because you will be able to avoid having to log into Gmail every time to check for new messages!

1. Using Gmail’s “Add account” function

Gmail has a login feature”add account” which allows you to add Gmail accounts secondary to your primary Gmail address. This is hands down the fastest, easiest, and most used method to manage all your Gmail addresses in one place.

On PC / laptop

If you use Gmail primarily on a PC/laptop, you can add new Gmail accounts by clicking on your user profile letter in the top right. It’s clearly visible, and adding a secondary Gmail account is quite simple. Click “Add another account” to proceed.

A Google login page will then appear. Log in with your secondary Gmail accounts and password to proceed. Once you log in, you’ll be able to immediately see your newly added Gmail address in your primary Gmail inbox. Whenever you click on that section, your secondary inbox will open alongside your primary Gmail inbox. You can add up to 10 secondary GMAIL email accounts with this method!

On Mobile / Tablet

For users with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, the option to add new email addresses in theGmail app it is the same as the desktop. You can also open Gmail in any mobile browser for more private browsing. As already seen above, you will have to click on the user profile icon and then press on “Add new account” to add secondary gmail email accounts.

2. Via private browsing/incognito mode

Another easy and intuitive method for access multiple Gmail accounts is browsing in private or incognito mode. This method is browser-specific, but the main idea is that you can access as many Gmail accounts as you want depending on how many incognito browser windows you have open. It’s really useful for multitaskers!

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On Google Chrome

To manage multiple Gmail accounts, Google Chrome users can access Incognito mode from the three-dot menu in the top right corner.

For each window opened in incognito you will be able to access a different GMAIL email account and therefore view emails from different gmail addresses at the same time.

On Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has a Chrome-like feature for private browsing. Go to the hamburger menu in the top right corner and open “new private window” to proceed.

Then open the Gmail login page and log in to your account. Do this for each gmail address you manage.

3. Using multiple browser profiles

You can create multiple browser profiles to access different Gmail accounts. Again, this method is browser specific as shown below.

The users of Microsoft Edge can access additional browser profiles from the “user” in the top right corner. You can choose to browse as a guest so you can access separate Gmail accounts, or click “Add profile” as shown here.

You can create as many browser profiles as you need in Edge to access multiple Gmail email accounts in one place.

Google Chrome has a more sophisticated environment for creating multiple browser profiles. Click on your user profile in the top right corner and go to “add“, represented by a plus sign.

You can make many customizations to your secondary Google Chrome profile, including theme colors, which will mark different Gmail windows separately. The following screenshot shows logging in to multiple Gmail accounts based on different browser profiles.

4. Via Thunderbird’s Gmail settings

If you use Thunderbird as a program for managing multiple email accounts, then it’s very easy add multiple Gmail accounts from Thunderbird Gmail settings. There is an option to set up an account from “Email” as shown in the following figure.

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After a few steps you will see a login page where your Gmail account credentials (name, email address, password) must be entered.

After adding your gmail accounts, all emails will appear in the program and management will be much easier.

5. Outlook Settings

Many Windows users use Outlook as your default email client. It too supports adding multiple email accounts including Gmail addresses.

Go to “Account Settings” from the Outlook client home page. Here you can add a new email address from the email category “New“. A new pop-up window will open, where you can enter your Gmail account address.

Once you enter your Gmail password, you will notice another pop-up window with your Gmail login credentials. On the next screen, you will be able to see a notification that says: “Microsoft apps and services want access to your Gmail account“. click on OK to proceed.

Your Gmail account will now be added to Outlook. You will be able to access multiple Gmail accounts using just the Outlook client. Convenient right?

6. Using different web browsers

The final and perhaps easiest way to access multiple Gmail accounts is to open it separately on different web browsers. The following screenshot shows Gmail open on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

In addition to these described solutions, there are then a lot of plugins / extensions for Chrome / Firefox browsers which have the task of managing multiple GMAIL accounts in one click. With these extensions you will also be able to receive automatic notifications whenever you receive an email on one of your GMAIL accounts, and you will also be able to reply directly from there. The only disadvantage of these plugins is that your information may be at risk of privacy because it is shared with the developer of that plugin.

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