How to Open an OST File without Exchange Server and MS Outlook

This article will help you understand how to open OST file without Exchange Server and MS Outlook. An OST file contains all the email items present on Exchange Server and they also work in sync with the file PST of MS Outlook.

However, it may happen that you have neither Exhange Server nor MS Outlook and need to open and view the contents of an OST file with all the emails, calendar events, and so on. What to do in these cases? Below we would like to point out two methods simple and practical to view the elements of an OST file independently. The first method is based on the use of software OST Viewer i.e. capable of opening an OST file, and the second method is to convert the OST file to PST using a converter specially designed for such work. Curious? Well! Then read on to find out how to open OST file without Exchange Server and Outlook.

Is it possible to directly open an OST file with MS Outlook?

No, OST files are basically offline folders created in MS Outlook when the user is connected to Exchange Server in “cache” mode. These OST files depend on the Outlook profile they were configured on and when they work connected to the Exchange server. Once connectivity is lost or OST files are archived or backed up and moved to another machine, the OST files are rendered “orphaned” and MS Outlook does not recognize the file structure.

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Apart from Exchange Server, MS Outlook creates OST file when user setup Hotmail account in MS Outlook and setup Gmail account with IMAP in NS Outlook 2013. In both situations, MS Outlook creates OST file but once updated or deleted your profile becomes inaccessible and it is precisely in these cases that we ask ourselves how to open OST file without Exchange Server or MS Outlook. Here are the two solutions we propose.

Solution #1: Open an OST File with OST File Viewer

If you just want to open OST file and read messages, this method will definitely help you. All you have to do is download a free program called MailsDaddy Free OST viewer. It is a solution that is used for open and read OST file emails, contacts, tasks and calendars independently. A paid PRO version is also available, but the FREE version is sufficient to open and view the contents of any OST file. Here is the main interface of the program with an open OST file:

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free ost viewer

On the left you will see all the folders (inbox, outbook, calendar, contacts, notes, etc…). In the center you will be able to see the details of all the emails received and on the right there is a preview window to view the messages.

However, this free OST viewing tool does not allow you to export OST file to PST or other formats. If this is your intent then take a look at the second method described below.

Solution #2: Convert OST file to PST and view data

OST to PST conversion helps many users to read emails and other information when the OST file is inaccessible. PST file is easily viewable via MS Outlook and does not require Exchange server. Thanks to the program OST to PST Converter you can do this conversion quickly and easily. Here are the detailed steps to follow.

To get started, download and install the program version free demo from the following link:

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Step 1. Launch the software and load the OST file you want to convert to PST

OST to PST Converter

Step 2. Immediately after importing the OST file you will be able to view all the contents (emails, calendars, notes, etc.). Here is the interface you will see:

Step 3. Export the selected data to a PST file by clicking on the appropriate button

In addition to the PST format, you can export data and emails in MSG/EML/RTF/HTML/PDF format.

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