How to Merge PDFs on Mac OS

We have already seen in this article, in a somewhat “general” way, how to do it merge two or more PDF files on both Windows PCs and MacOS systems. Below we want to focus on merging or combining PDF documents on computers Mac.

Merging PDFs means creating a single document from multiple files, which can be in PDF format or even other formats such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, images. Merging these files allows you to obtain a single document, which is easier to manage and share. It is therefore an operation that also allows you to save time in file management.

Another scenario where it becomes indispensable Merge PDF It's when you scan some paper sheets. In fact, each scan produces a single PDF file, and therefore the need to merge all those files to create a single PDF document eventually arises.

On Mac, to do this job of merging PDF files you can easily rely on PDFelement for Mac. It is a professional app that allows you to manage and edit all your PDF files in 360 degrees. Download the free demo version now from the button below:


With this application (compatible with all macOS versions) you can import unlimited documents and merge them all together into a single PDF file. After merging the files you can also make changes such as correcting text errors, rotating pages, changing page order, changing colors, adding a watermark, and much more.

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Another great advantage of using PDFelement for Mac is that not only will you be able to import and merge PDF files; you can also import files of different formats, such as word, excel, powerpoint, jpg, and merge all of these into a single PDF document. Having said this, let's see how to use PDFelement for Merge PDFs on MacOS quickly and easily.

How to Merge PDF on Mac with PDFelement

First, download and install PDFelement for Mac on your computer. The version you will download is a demo version that allows you to understand how this application works and the only limitation is that the output PDF has a watermark (an overlay writing). Here are the steps to follow to merge PDF on Mac with this software

Step 1. Install and launch the software. From the main screen (see figure below) click on the “Combine PDF

Step 2. After clicking on “Combine PDF” a window will open in which you will have to upload the files to be combined into a single PDF. To do this you will have to click on “Add File” and select the various documents. After uploading all the files click on the button on the right “Combine“.

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merge pdf on mac

Step 3. Choose the destination folder and proceed to save the PDF document obtained from the combination of all the files.

The created PDF will also be opened within PDFelement so you can make some changes or customizations as well. For example, you can delete, add or replace text (by accessing the “Edit” tab). Or you can organize the pages of the PDF from the “Pages” section.

After making the desired changes, remember to click on the “File” menu at the top and then on “Save as”.

combine pdfs on mac

That's all! As you see with PDFelement for Mac It's really trivial to merge PDF files. As already mentioned before, you can also merge PDF documents obtained from scanning. In this case the procedure to follow is practically the same as what was seen above. At the end of merging the files, the combined PDF file will open in PDFelement and at this point, if you want to modify it, you will have to click on “Edit” and then on “OCR“. Thanks to this function the scanned file will be “digitized” and then you can modify it as you wish.

NB: The OCR function is only available in the Pro version of PDFelement (and not in the standard version).

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Merge PDF on Mac with Preview app

On Mac it is possible to merge multiple PDF files using the free application already present in the system called Preview. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Open Preview:
    • Go to the folder where the PDF files you want to merge are located.
    • Select all the PDF files you want to merge.
  2. Open Files with Preview:
    • Right click on the selected files.
    • In the context menu, select “Open With” and then choose “Preview.”
  3. View Document Preview:
    • Preview will open all selected files in a single window. You can preview documents in the left sidebar.
  4. Reorganize Documents:
    • You can rearrange documents by dragging them in the sidebar to change the merge order.
  5. Merge Documents:
    • Go to the “View” menu and make sure the “Thumbnails” option is selected to display page thumbnails in the sidebar.
    • Drag the thumbnails of the documents you want to merge from one sidebar to another, placing them where you want.
  6. Save the Merged Document:
    • Once you have rearranged the thumbnails as you wish, go to “File” and select “Export as PDF”.
    • Choose a name for the new document and select a location to save it.
  7. Complete the Rescue Process:
    • Click “Export” to save the new merged PDF document.

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