How to manage your contacts book on Android

Are the contacts on your Android phone starting to become a lot and a little messy? Are you looking for a software or app that helps you manage and tidy up the contact book on your phone? Have many duplicate contacts appeared and do you want to delete them?

The solution to all these questions is given by the software TunesGO for Android, an “Android manager” that allows you to manage your Android data (and contacts) directly from your PC. Beyond manageview, reorder and remove duplicate contacts from the address book, this program also allows you to transfer contacts from one cell phone to another and to backup & restore the address book quickly and easily.

How to Manage Android Address Book with TunesGO

You can download the free version of the TunesGO program, and use it for free for 15 days to evaluate its potential. Here is the download link:


If you have a Mac, go to the guide instead: how to manage Android contacts from Mac

After installing the TunesGO program on your Windows PC, you will be asked to connect your Android phone to your computer via USB. Once detected, the program will show it in the main window, as seen in fig. following:

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If the device is not recognized you will need to access the settings and activate the USB Debugging function. With this function the program (and the PC) will be able to detect the Android device connected to the computer and you will be able to proceed with managing your contacts.

Main functions of TunesGO Android Manager

> Import contacts from vCard, Outlook, Windows Address Book, Windows Live Mail to Android mobile and vice versa.
> Create groups, add new contacts to your address book and edit contact information, directly from your PC.
> Find and merge duplicate contacts
> Delete unwanted contacts even multiple times and simultaneously
> Sync contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. on your Android.
> Back up and restore your contacts via your computer.
> Supports all Android models: Samsung Galaxy, LG, Huawei, Honor, Sony, Nexus, Google, Doogee, Homtop, Blackview, Nokia, Motorola, Meizu, Xiaomi, Cubot, Elephone, etc.

1. Import/Export Contacts to/from Android

This contact manager program for Android allows you to import and extract contacts quickly and easily.

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Android contact import: From the initial window click on Contacts from the left sidebar to see all the contacts saved in the address book. Click above It matters >Import contacts from Computer > from vCard filesfrom Outlook Expressfrom Outlookfrom Windows Live Mail or from Windows Address Book.

Android Contacts Export: From the initial window click on Contacts from the left sidebar to see all the contacts saved in the address book. Click on Export > Export selected contacts to computer or Export all contacts to your computer > in vCard filesin Outlook Expressin Outlook 2003/2007/2010/2013in Windows Live Mail or in Windows Address Book.


2. Merge duplicate contacts on your cell phone

If there are a lot of duplicate contacts in your phone's address book, this program will definitely help you merge duplicate contacts and put some order in your address book.

From the left sidebar of MobileGO click on Contacts. You will see all your contacts on the right of the program. Click De-duplicate and select which contacts you want to check (those saved on your phone or in an account). Choose the type of match to apply and finally click on UNION.

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3. Add, delete or edit address book contacts Android

Adding contacts: Click from the left sidebar on Contacts. From the contact management window, click on “Add” at the top to insert a new contact directly from your PC

Edit contacts: Double click on the contact you want to edit and change the information from the window that opens.

Deletion of contacts: Select the contacts to remove and click on “Delete


4. Group contacts Android

If you want to import contacts into an existing account or group you just need to drag them into the corresponding category on the sidebar. Or right-click to create a new group and then drag contacts into it.


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