How to import or export Android address book contacts

You have a cell phone or tablet Android (e.g. Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Realme, etc.. ) on which you would like to import a file containing all the contacts of the address book present on another phone? Or do you need to export contacts from your Android phone to save the entire address book on your computer (PC or Mac) for the purposes of backup or for a possible data transfer to another mobile phone?

The solution to these questions can be given by some programs “Contacts Android manager” like the ones we are going to analyze below. But there are also methods that do not involve the use of third-party software. To better understand what we are talking about, continue reading the following paragraphs. Everything will be much clearer and you will finally be able to import or export contacts from your Android phone, without any risk of data loss.

Solution #1: TunesGO for Android (Windows PC only)

This program allows you to manage all the data on your Android mobile phone directly from a Windows PC and therefore also allows you to import or extract contacts from your address book. Here's how to import or extract Android Contacts using this program.

Download now TunesGO on your Windows PC from the following link:


If you have a Mac instead read the solution n.2 lower.

After installing and launching TunesGO for Android, follow these simple steps to import or export contacts.

Step 1. Launch TuensGO and connect your mobile phone to PC/Mac

To connect the Android device to the computer you can use a USB cable. If the connection is made correctly, the program will immediately show the details of the connected device on the main screen, as seen in fig. following:

You will most likely be asked to activate USB debugging on your mobile phone, an indispensable option to be able to communicate with the Android device with the computer and therefore also with the program. To activate this option, all you have to do is follow the graphic instructions in the program, it's very simple!

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Step 2. Select contacts to import or extract

At the top of the program you will see a menu with all the data folders on your Android phone or tablet. In our case we click on Information and then on the left on the “ tabContacts” to view the address book on the device. In the following figure you can see an example of an address book displayed in the program with the details of each contact.

How to Import Contacts from PC to Android

To import new contacts, all you have to do is click on the “” button at the topIt matters“. Then choose the option “Import contacts from your computer“. From the menu that appears, choose the contact source between Outlook, Windows Address Book, Windows Live Mail or file vCard. Finally click OK to proceed with the import.


How to extract Contacts address book on your PC

To export contacts, first choose the ones to extract, and then click on “Export“. Then choose the option “Export selected contacts to computer” or “Export all contacts to computer”. Finally decide whether to save these contacts in a new vCard file or in Outlook, Windows Address Book, or Windows Live Mail.

Solution #2: Android Transfer (for PC and Mac)

Android Transfer is one of the best apps to import/export data between Android and computer. First download and install Android Transfer on your PC or Mac from the links below:


Once the program has been installed and started, you will have to connect your Android to the computer via USB or Wi-FI and wait for it to be recognized. Here is the initial screen of the program once the Android mobile phone/tablet is “detected”:

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Click on now CONTACTS on the left of the program and the list of contacts saved on your mobile phone will appear. At this point you can proceed with importing or exporting contacts.

To import new contacts just click on the button at the top IMPORT CONTACTS FROM FILE (highlighted in the figure below) and finally select the CSV or VCF file from your computer


To export contacts from Android to PC or Mac you need to click on the “EXPORT CONTACTS” and the contacts can be saved in a VCF (vCard) or CSV file.

Solution #3: Google Account

By default, Google has a great system that automatically backs up your data (not only your contacts, but also photos, videos, texts and other data).

This is all done in the background and the resulting file is linked to the Google account you used on your Android device during activation and setup. If you continue to use the same account Google on a new phone, all this data will be transferred there practically automatically, without you having to do anything other than sign in with your Google credentials.

To import or export contacts from your Android phone, you can then use Google's backup tool. This tool is active by default, but you can still check it out by following these steps

1. Open the app Settings on the phone.

2. Scroll all the way down until you find System.

3. Rewards Backups to see more details.

4. Make sure the switch “Backup to Google Drive” is active and that the tool is backing up data linked to your primary Google account (or any other account you want).

5. You can also tell your phone to make a new backup by pressing the blue “ buttonBack up now“.

Export Android contacts from Google

a) Log in to the site and log in to your Google account (which your phone is synced with) from which you want to export contacts.
b) Click on the “Gmail” icon available in the Gmail dashboard at the top left corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear. Select the option “Contacts” to launch the Contact Management dashboard.
c) Press the “ buttonOther” and select the option “Export” from the drop-down menu
d) Proceed to export all contacts to a vCard, vcf or CSV file

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import contacts from gmail to android-select the 'Import' option

Import contacts to Android with Google

To manually import contacts to your phone, you must first download the .vcf file to your device. If you have saved it to Google Drive you will be able to access it easily from there (provided you are signed in with the same Gmail account).

If you sent the .vcf file to your new phone via email instead, go ahead and download the file to your new device. You should find it in the section Downloads of your phone (this may vary; on OnePlus devices you must first access a File Manager). Then follow these steps:

1. Open the app Contacts on the phone.

2. Select the three-dot menu in the top right corner and press “Settings“.

3. Tap the “ buttonImport/Export“.

4. Select “Import from .vcf file”.

5. Select where you want to save your contacts. The first option is on your phone, but you can also choose to add them to your Google account.

6. Next, your phone will search for all .vcf files on your device. You will then see a list of available options. Select the correct .vcf file and then press OK.

If you check the Contacts app on your new phone now, you should see that it has been populated with all the phone numbers you had on your old device.

That's all!

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