How to convert PDF to Excel while maintaining formatting

You have PDF data tables or PDF documents with various numerical information, and you are looking for a way to convert PDF to Excel so as to have all those tables ready to be analyzed and modified comfortably on Microsoft Excel?

There are a lot of services and programs online that claim to be able to convert PDF to Excel but when you go to see the output file you often discover that the tables are out of phase, the layout does not remain the same as the PDF file and the values ​​are often also altered.

If you want to convert PDF to Excel with the guarantee of keep the formatting To obtain an output file identical to the PDF with well-structured tables and each value in its place, we recommend using one of the following two programs. In addition to software solutions, there are also “online” converters that do this conversion but from our tests the result has always been very disappointing. If you don’t want to waste time, immediately rely on one of the following (professional) programs.

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We have already described how this program works in the article on how to import PDF into Excel. This software is available for both Windows and Mac computers and can be downloaded in two versions:

  • Standard Version: Allows you to convert standard PDF to Excel without quality loss
  • PRO version: in addition to Standard PDFs, it also supports PDFs obtained by scanning and using the technique OCR allows you to convert them to Excel.

a) Download and install PDF Converter

After downloading the desired version from This Pageyou will have to install it and the following main screen will appear:


b) Add PDF to convert to EXCEL

By clicking on ADD PDF FILE you can upload the PDF file to convert to Excel. On the right, select Excel as the output format and choose a destination folder. By clicking on “Advanced Settings” you can also decide whether you want to keep the values ​​during the conversion with or without formatting of the original file.


c) Start PDF to Excel conversion

Click on Convert to proceed with the transformation of the PDF into Excel.

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We personally tested this software by converting an invoice to PDF. The result was an Excel file that faithfully reproduced that invoice, putting all the data in the right place so that everything could then be managed from the Excel sheet. Here is the result of the PDF invoice conversion in the following figure.

As you will notice, having used the free trial version of PDF Converter, “Wondershare” writings will appear in the background of the Excel file. These writings disappear if you purchase the program license. This is the purchase link for the PRO version.

PDFElement is one of the most interesting PDF Editor programs currently on the market. It allows you to make any type of modification on the PDF and in addition to the PDF Editing functions it also allows you to convert PDF to various formats. Allows you to convert PDF to Word, PDF to Powerpoint, PDF to Images, and even PDF to Excel.

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First download and install PDFelement on your PC or Mac:

download download_button_mac

Main program screen:


After importing the PDF you can make some changes (if you wish). Then, to convert to Excel, click on the menu at the top CONVERT and click on the “ iconIn Excel

At this point you will be able to define some options before the conversion: for example, you can activate the function OCR (if the PDF is a scanned PDF) or select only a certain number of pages to convert.


Finally click on START to proceed with the conversion.

Once the conversion is complete, the folder containing the Excel file will automatically open. Double click to open and check the result. In our case, the conversion of the PDF invoice to Excel was really excellent. As you can see from the following figure, not only has all the data been returned to the correct Excel cells, but the formatting and layout of the original PDF has also been maintained.

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