How to convert Excel to Video file?

We have already seen in various guides how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to Video, a function that has also been integrated into Office for some time from the File –> menu Export. Converting a presentation into video offers several advantages, primarily the possibility of publishing that presentation on video sharing platforms such as YouTube but also on various social networks.

It is true that most presentations are made in PowerPoint, but in some cases we may also have information on Excel or Word. These programs also allow you to make presentations, but unlike PowerPoint they do not have the integrated video saving function. How to do it then? convert Excel to Video? Well, below we will find out how to do it in a few minutes. This is a solution already seen for the conversion from Word to Video, and described in a guide a few days ago. Here is the index of the guide, at the end of which you will finally be able to turn an Excel file into video of MP4 format.

Why Convert Excel to Video?

The Excel file is almost always used to represent numerical tables, graphs, statistics and analyzes of various kinds. Thanks to Excel you can create really beautiful analytical presentations and almost always the data is then copied from Excel to PowerPoint for the “publication” of the results and their representation. However, you can avoid doing this double work if you manage to convert an Excel file into Video: in this way you will already have a presentation ready to show or publish online (or distribute offline).

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Another great advantage of Transformation of Excel into Video is that it allows it to be viewed and played even on devices where Office is not present. So you can, for example, see Excel even on a Smart TV or on a tablet/monitor without Office Excel.

How to convert Excel to Video file?

The only way to convert Excel to Video is by relying on third-party software such as PDF TO VIDEO. Don’t pay attention to the name, which might seem misleading. In fact, it is a program that allows you to convert not only PDF to video but also Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents in video format (MP4), at very high quality (resolution) and also with the possibility of adding background music. Here’s how to use this program to complete Excel to video conversion in minutes.

Step 1. Install this Excel to Video Converter

Click the Free Download button below to download and install the software on your computer (compatible with all Windows systems)

After installation the following splash screen will open.

Step 2. Upload the Excel file to convert to video

On the program’s home screen, there is a button at the top Excel to Video. Click that button to open the following new screen

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As highlighted in the figure above, all you need to do is press on Excel to PDF/Video and you can upload the XLS/XLSX file to transform into video from your computer. Once imported you will see the Excel document previewed in the program editor

Before proceeding you can check the various “slides” of the imported Excel presentation. If there is any change to be made, such as removing some pages or adding text or images, no problem, you can do it thanks to the editor integrated into the program and using the functions on the right sidebar.

Step 3. Convert Excel to Video

Now that the Excel file is loaded you can proceed by pressing at the top Convert to Video File. The file will automatically be transferred to the screen that allows you to create the video from that document xls or xlsx.

As you can see from the figure above, all the sheets of the Excel file will appear in the timeline. At the bottom of the program interface there are settings that you can change before conversion. Among the parameters to be modified, the main ones are:

  • Resolution (video quality, 4K also supported)
  • Frame rate and audio bit rate (audio quality of any music track loaded as background music)
  • Logo/Watermark (logo that can be added to the video to personalize the presentation)
  • Transition effects (to make the video more dynamic and more beautiful to look at)
  • Display duration of each frame (page): by default it is 5 seconds (5000 milliseconds). If you want you can change this value for the whole document or for a single frame from the section Video Frames (after selecting a page from the timeline above).
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After setting the parameters, click VIDEO PREVIEW and you will be able to preview the first 30 seconds of the video. Your PC’s video player will automatically open and start SLIDESHOW just created.

If the preview is perfect, press the button Create Videos and wait for the video to be saved on your computer (it will be saved as an MP4 file in the output folder you set). The newly created MP4 file can be uploaded without problems to YouTubeor it can be copied to a USB stick for playback on a TV or other devices, even offline and in the absence of Microsoft Office.

PDF TO VIDEO software is one of the best around for doing this Excel to video conversion. There are also online services capable of doing this operation but we do not recommend it for the following 3 simple reasons:

  1. The Excel file is uploaded online to unreliable servers.
  2. The MP4 video quality obtained from the conversion is really low
  3. You cannot customize the video by adding a logo or background music

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