Free business email address lists to download

For those who have a commercial business or even a simple web page (or social profile) to promote, the fastest and cheapest method to try is that ofEmail Marketing. The term Email Marketing means that strategy marketing that uses sending emails to promote products, services or content to a specific audience. It consists in the targeted sending of commercial or informational messages to a person Email address listwith the goal of reaching interested users, building relationships, increasing brand awareness and encouraging specific actions such as purchasing a product or registering for an event.

Email marketing can be used by many different types of organizations, including online merchants, service businesses, nonprofits, and more. It’s a direct marketing channel which allows you to directly reach interested people through their email inbox, offering the opportunity to provide personalized and relevant information.

Email marketing campaigns can include a variety of content, such as informational newsletters, promotional offers, new product or service announcements, event invitations, account status updates, customer feedback, and more. A key element of email marketing is the ability to segment audiences based on various criteria, such as interest, purchasing behavior, demographics or geographic location, in order to send messages that are more relevant and relevant to recipients.

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Where to find a list of email addresses?

To run an Email Marketing campaign it is essential to have one list of email addresses (list of contacts, list of companies and potential customers) to whom you can send the promotional message. This list of email addresses can be created over time by using the so-called subscription forms (present on the web pages) or by collecting them manually from the internal databases of your website (if available). There are also websites that sell databases and lists of email addresses, but this solution is the least recommended because the lists that are sold are often obsolete and contain a very large number of invalid emails (which can then create problems when sending messages).

Below we will point out a much simpler and cheaper way to search and extract email addresses directly from the Web by taking advantage of the results offered by search engines such as Google and Bing.

Total Email Extractor, this is the name of the software that allows you to search and capture email addresses in real time directly through Google and Bing (the most popular and used search engines). With this tool you will be able to download email lists that are always updated and valid (because they are captured in real time) and segmented based on the categories and keywords you entered into the software

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The program is compatible with all Windows PCs. Press the button below to download the Total Extractor installation file (.exe).

Proceed with the installation of the program and when finished the following main interface will open:

Step 2. Start searching email lists

Click in the top left on Start New Search to open the window in which you can define the type of emails to search based on the keywords you entered

In addition to the keywords, you can define the search engine to use and the nationality. Further down you can set the extraction rules, for example extracting emails from websites or directly from the descriptions of search results.

Finally, to start the search, simply click on the button Start Search and the program will start downloading lists of email addresses as seen in the figure below. The extrapolation process is very fast thanks to the Multi-Threading technology present in the software.

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Step 3. Download email lists to your PC

At the end of the data extraction process, all you have to do is click on above EXPORT DATA and all found email addresses will be saved to a CSV file on your computer. The CSV file is a type of file that can also be imported and viewed easily with Excel.

NB: The free demo version of Total Extractor does not allow you to export data. It is necessary to purchase the license to unlock this limitation and be able to save the newly found email lists! With this PRO version you will have no limitations and you will also be able to download thousands and thousands of email addresses every day.

If something is not clear in the operation of the program described above, we recommend that you take a look at the following video tutorial.

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