Export SMS to Excel or PDF

THE SMS messages they have certainly lost popularity with the advent of messaging apps like Whatsapp, but they can never be completely replaced because they are the only ones that can be sent (and received) even in lack of internet connectivity (which is not to be underestimated!). Furthermore, the success rate of sending an SMS is considerably higher than that of Whatsapp, precisely because it depends exclusively on the mobile network and not on the “internet” network.

However, if you have hundreds or thousands of SMS messages stored on your phone, you may need a way to reorganize them and make room on the device itself. A possible solution could be to export SMS to computer, perhaps save them in a PDF or Excel file to then proceed with printing them. This would be perhaps the simplest and most effective way to archive your most important SMS messages.

How to Export SMS to Excel or PDF

We have already seen how to save Android SMS on the computer, or how to save iPhone SMS on PC/Mac, and in a very similar way below we will show the detailed steps to follow to export SMS to Excel or PDF on your computer (Windows or Mac).

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The program that can certainly help you carry out this operation in a few minutes is TunesGO. Below are the buttons from which to download the free demo version of the program for PC or Mac:

download download_button_mac

After installing and opening the program you will see a screen like this:


Connect your cell phone (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Pixel, Motorola, or any other Android cell phone) to your computer via USB cable. Follow the instructions in the program until your cell phone is detected and displayed in the program interface.

Once detected, click on the tab at the top INFORMATION and you can select from the left “SMS” to see all the messages saved in your phone.


Now you can select only those most important SMS messages or all of them. To choose all messages, click on the box above and each message will be selected automatically. To select SMS selectively you will have to click only on the relevant box on the left.

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To finish click on “Export” (below the navigation bar) and two options will appear: “Export to HTML” And “Export to CSV“. Click on the latter and select a destination folder to save the file. Press “OK” and the transfer will begin.


Once the SMS are saved in a CSV file you can easily open them in Excel (read how to open CSV in Excel).

If you want to export the SMS to PDF, you should first export to HTML format and then transform the HTML file to PDF as indicated in this guide: convert HTML to PDF. However, the HTML format is also very valid for both viewing and printing.

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