Export Contacts from iCloud to CSV or Excel

I would like to export all my iPhone contacts into a single excel worksheet. Is there a way to export Contacts data to a CSV format (not one CSV file for each contact), or XLS? I have contacts on both my iPhone and iCloud, but iCloud only allows you to export contacts to vCard.

Of course, in this article we show how export iCloud contacts using the software TunesGo. It allows you to export all or just the desired contacts from the iPhone memory, iCloud, Yahoo!, Exchange by copying them into a CSV file. You will then be able to open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel for editing or printing.

Export Contacts from iCloud to CSV with TunesGO

TunesGO is a program designed to help users manage their cell phone data directly from their computer. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). In addition to data management functions (photos, videos, contacts, etc.), this program also allows you to backup and restore data, access the phone’s system folders, transfer data between two phones, and much more. Below we focus on the function that allows you to export contacts from iPhone to your computer (contacts previously synchronized with iCloud).

Step 1. Install TunesGO on your PC

First download the software to try it out. Here is the download link:

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Note: TunesGo supports exporting iCloud contacts to a CSV file. It also supports all models and versions of iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Install and run the software on your computer. Then the following initial window will appear:


Step 2. Connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad to the computer

Use a USB cable to establish a connection between your iPhone/iPod/iPad and your computer. TunesGo will quickly detect and show the details on the program screen.


Step 3. Export iCloud contacts to CSV

Sign in from your iPhone/iPad/iPod to “Settings” > “iCloud” and then log in to your iCloud account.

Now that your iPhone is synced with iCloud, go to TunesGO and access the section INFORMATION in the program to see all contacts, including iCloud Contacts. Click on that group to view all your iCloud contacts on the right. Selectively choose contacts to export or select them all.

Click on ” EXPORT” at the top and then select the “ Export All Contacts ” or “ Export Selected Contacts ” option. Another drop-down menu will then appear in which you can choose between the following output formats: “vCard Single File”, “Multiple vCard File”, ” in CSV File“, “Outlook Express”, “Windows Live Mail”, “in Windows Address Book” and “in Outlook 2003/2007 / 2010/2013”.

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In our case we choose “in CSV files “. In the window that appears, choose a folder in which to save the CSV file. During the transfer, make sure your iPhone, iPod or iPad remains connected to your PC at all times.


Note: Before export contacts from iCloud to CSV, you will be able to manage your iCloud contacts, editing, merging or deleting them. Then, choose the desired contacts to export. However, all the things you do have no effect on the original iCloud contacts saved on the network server.

If by any chance you want to open and view these contacts in Excel, all you have to do is import and open CSV in Excel by following small and simple steps. Or you can use an online service that can convert CSV to Excel in a few seconds.

How to export contacts from iCloud.com

  1. Go to iCloud.com on your Mac, PC, or iPad and sign in
  2. Click on Contacts
  3. Choose All Contacts at the top left
  4. Click the Settings gear icon at the bottom left
  5. Choose Select All
  6. From the Settings icon, now choose Export vCard…

If you’re doing this on your Mac, however, the moment you save the vCard document, Apple’s Contacts app will open. It’s assumed that you want to import all of these contacts, but obviously they’re exactly the same as the ones already in your Mac’s Contacts app.

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Click Cancel in your Mac’s Contacts app. If you inadvertently click Import, it will at least attempt to merge the new vCards with all your existing data.

What you can’t avoid is the fact that vCard .vcf it’s not the most useful of formats. You have to convert it to something else, like .csvbefore you can do anything other than import them into other Contacts apps.

How to convert a vCard file to .csv

  1. On Windows PC, Mac or iOS, go to an online conversion site
  2. Upload your vCard document
  3. If given a choice, choose .csv
  4. Wait until the app has converted it, then export the result to your device

There are many online services that do this. We used AConvert.com and it worked well and quickly in converting vCard to CSV. However, since your contact details are personal, you may hesitate before uploading all of them to any online service. In this case we advise you to follow the first solution described at the beginning of the article (TunesGO).

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